Obama Facilitated Theft of Election Via Rome Embassy (AUDIO EVIDENCE)

Updated: 6 days ago

Obama Facilitated Theft of Election Via Rome Embassy

Inside sources report that the theft of the presidential election was facilitated through satellites and coordinated out of the Embassy of Rome by Stefano Serafini, a foreign service officer, working in concert with Barack Obama. Serafini retired one day prior to the election so that he would not lost his pension. Serafini reportedly coordinated with Claudio Graziano, an Italian Army officer and Chair of the European Union Military Committee, a Rothschild creation; and member of the Board of SpA, an Italian multinational specializing in aerospace, defense, and security which is headquartered in Rome and partially owned by the Italian government through the

Ministry of Economy and Finance, the company's largest shareholder.

The scheme reportedly involved using a military satellite which

switched the votes from Donald Trump to Joe Biden – and was coordinated

with Barack Obama in concert with Matteo Renzi, the former Prime

Minister of Italy.

Senior IT experts have reportedly testified in Italian federal court

that votes were switched throughout the election.

Take heart, patriots – the fight has just begun! Please listen to the

audio conference call with Maria Zack here and share this information

far and wide: LISTEN NOW https://vocaroo.com/1e976QE4oDoy

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