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Scalia And The Season Of Treason

Scalia And The Season Of Treason

First off deepest sympathies and condolences to the surviving wife, nine children and thirty-six grandchildren. Justice Antonin Scalia nominated by Ronald Reagan who served on the bench of the Supreme Court since 1986 was a strict constitutional scholar and was respected by both republicans and democrats.

Perhaps Justice Scalia’s death was that of natural causes rather than information and speculation circulating rampantly surrounding his death that he may have in fact been murdered. One sure hopes and would like to belive that this is not the case. We may never know. According to infowars within ninety minutes of Scalia’s body arriving to the hospital, Texas Governor Greg Abbott stated that it appears to be from natural causes. This of course was stated before any work was done at the coroners office. So this statement circulates now instantly across the globe.

There are some critical issues before the Supreme Court that will impact the second amendment, border control and other important factors facing America. And now President Obama has ten months to appoint another Justice to the bench. Losing the Scalia position (that being a strict Constitutionalist), and replacing his seat with one who leans more to the left on these pending critical issues can alter the course for America and the world in a very significant way. And all of this of course during a very intense election year.

All we can do is see how this plays out in the coming weeks and months. Again once one knows of the end goal of the power elites global agenda, one begins to question everything, including Justice Scalia’s death. I believe as one connects the dots as I have been doing now for some years, there is a high probability we may see a state of emergency, martial law and a suspension of elections later in 2016. I hope I am wrong. Hold on folks 2016 has just begun.

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