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Secret Vote Count And The Rigged Elections

“Those that cast the votes decide nothing. Those that count the votes decide everything” – Stalin. Many of us know by now that Presidents are selected and not elected. We have come to learn about the secret societies JFK talked about like The Bilderberg Group, Skull and Bones and Bohemian Grove for example. It has become evident over the years to even the non-thinking blinded “sheeple” that voter fraud and election fraud runs rampant at many levels in the process. So let’s explore this a bit more in this post titled Secret Vote Count And The Rigged Elections. Please listen to an important announcement in the podcast below.

Secret Vote Count And The Rigged Elections

The United States Constitution states that the votes are to be cast in private and counted in public. Most precincts now have computerized voting booths. The computers count the votes. Has anyone ever seen a computer count? So much for counting the votes in public. Clinton Curtis, (US attorney and computer programmer), testifies that Tom Feeney (Speaker of the House of Florida at the time, currently US Representative) tried to pay him to rig election vote counts. The Diebold computer machines can easily be programmed and hacked to switch the votes. There is speculation that the evil George Soros has a percentage ownership in this company. Look at what happened to the Bernie Sanders supporters throughout the primaries. Votes have been stolen. The system is rigged!

Thanks to Donald Trump who has shined a bright light on this, we have seen the shenanigans play out during the primaries in 2016 in states like WI and CO for example as you may recall. There are scores of reports year after year including under sworn affidavits, that voters votes have been changed. We have dead people voting, over 2,200 people over the age of 110 voting recently in one state. There are people who have voted more than once. Then there is the issue of illegal aliens voting en masse. There is the problem of super-delegates, the imbalance of the electoral college process and gerrymandering. The list of concerns facing our election process goes on and on. You see the bottom line is computers count our votes in secrecy which is Unconstitutional.

Mark Adams

A good friend of mine from back in the Save America Foundation days in Florida, attorney Mark Adams, has handled more congressional election contests than any other attorney in history. I encourage you to watch this five minute overview by Mark Adams and become further familiar with his work and on-going efforts. You will find him on Linked-In. It is important to note that precautionary measures are being taken within the Trump camp as an attempt to keep the integrity of the voting and election process in place. This may not be enough. I can assure you something is in the works right now that can prevent the election of Donald Trump from being stolen. Soon this will come to light and that is all I can say about that at this time.

George Carlin

The late brilliant comedian George Carlin sums it up best here (warning-strong language). Carlin says we have the illusion of choice. The truth is, as I stated above, Presidents are selected, financed, supported and favored by the corrupt and controlled media and ushered into office with the final guarantee and help of the various methods of voter and election fraud. Lo and behold we rally behind the selected choices both red and blue (with each party controlled by its donors and serving the same ruing elite NWO masters), resulting in the degradation, destruction and dissolution of these once great United States. This election however, due to Donald J. Trump, is different.

Trump The Knock-Out Punch

Crooked lyin’ Hillary cancels events due to low to no turn out and is having a hard time filling a school gym as Donald Trump travels from city to city, state to state filling arenas and stadiums with record breaking crowds. Trump tucked away 14 million votes in the primaries breaking many records along the way. On the trail, using a boxing analogy as it relates to counting votes and voter / election fraud, Trump has stated that if you knock out your opponent there is no room for judges in tabulating the score to determine the victor. So get out and vote. The debates will soon begin and Trump will pulverize Clinton.

This election is about the restoration of not only America but of freedom itself and not just for some but for all across the world. Donald Trump is the first political outsider in American history to make it to the doorstep of the presidential nomination in either major political party. Donald Trump the man – the patriot, as he breaks every rule of modern politics – winning one landslide victory after another against all of the odds stacked against him. Trump said recently in his foreign policy speech, “We will no longer surrender this country or its people to the false song of globalism.”


I know how this sounds but I believe I am right and this is but one man’s opinion. I have stated for many years that the most unlikely people from all walks of life and from all over the world will begin to emerge in humanity’s final hours of need. Donald Trump is one such man. Donald Trump may very well be the messenger and voice, the last great saviour for Western Civilization. Choose wisely this November. Let’s go for the knock-out punch. Everything is at stake.

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