Thanksgiving Gratitude for the Fall of the Pilgrims Society

In the 16th century, Sir Walter Raleigh traversed the high seas to chart a path for a British colony in North America, thus beginning the special relationship between Great Britain and the country that would become the United States.

Raleigh's friend, Sir Francis Bacon, penned a novel, New Atlantis, drawing from the explorer's discoveries and vision for a new society based upon “generosity and enlightenment, dignity and splendor, piety and public spirit.”

In 1620, the Pilgrims followed the path Raleigh had charted to the New World, imbued with a spirit rooted not in conquest but in Christian fellowship and charity, in part to avoid religion persecution .

As they docked their ships at Plymouth Rock, the Pilgrims were greeted by Indians, who exchanged gifts and good tidings. The beautiful friendship that unfolded between them was a testament to their faith and good will.

The exchange of gifts between the Indians and Pilgrims was immortalized in a national holiday, Thanksgiving, celebrating the Pilgrims' humble gratitude for God's providence and blessings they experienced upon arriving at the foreign land.

With God's law etched in their hearts, the Pilgrims set out to establish a country of, by, the for a free, righteous people, laying the foundation for the great experiment that was to become the United States.

By the time of the American Revolution rolled around, the satanic Rothschild bankers, who had bribed and coerced their way into the British Monarchy, turned their attention to restoring the United States to colonial status.

Having seized control of the British Empire, the international bankers conceived a plan in London to absorb the world's wealth and power into their own hands. To avoid arousing suspicions, they lurked in the shadows, quietly subverting churches, universities, institutions, the media, and governments in the countries in which they operated.

As the Rothschilds narrowed their sights on the United States, the Pilgrims Society was established in 1902 to “promote good will, good fellowship, and everlasting peace between the United States and Great Britain.”

However, the Pilgrims Society bore no connection to the original Pilgrims, either by tradition or lineage. Rather the organization exploited the Pilgrims' cherished place in the hearts of Americans for the purposes of subverted their beloved country.

Soon after the Pilgrims Society was established, its members drew the United States into two World Wars, neither of which were in the country's strategic interests. The British agents used the opportunity of war to insinuate themselves into the nation's government, banks, and

institutions to form a shadow government which became the Deep State.

Giving hint to the subversive nature of this organization, the patron of the Pilgrims Society's was none other than Queen Elizabeth II, a Rothschild bloodline and commoner who lived lavishly off the backs of American taxpayers.

During the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, Pilgrims Society member Prince Philip, the Queen's husband, launched “Quiet Weapons for Silent Wars,” which mapped out a decades long plan to enslave every American man, woman, and child under a technocratic tyranny.

The Pilgrims Society's membership was a who's who of seditious elites, including, for example, Henry Kissinger, who eroded American sovereignty and energy independence and set the country on a course for conquest by Communist China.

The organization's influence extended throughout society, including the media, to ensure information dominance and control of the hearts and minds of American citizens. For example, while CBS anchor and Pilgrim Society member Walter Cronkite was hailed as “the most trusted man in the world,” Kissinger sat on the Board of Directors at CBS News, directing the network's foreign news coverage in a manner that advanced and protected the Rothschild agenda.

Thanks to President Donald Trump, the country has gone cold turkey on the Pilgrims Society. We face a tough road ahead of us as the country heals from the damage done by the traitors from within. With humble gratitude and faith, American can and will recover, becoming not only great again, but better than before – this time, wise to the wiles of the world and determined to ensure history does not repeat itself.

Having come so close to losing our country, we have much to be thankful for.

(c) Susan Bradford 2020

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