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John Michael Chambers retired in 2008 as a successful financial advisor, with a total of six independent offices in three states. John is not a financial or investment advisor nor does he manage money for a fee. John serves as a wealth strategist and coach, providing independent non-biased commentary and analysis. A private one on one phone consult can be arranged with John’s scheduler.

John’s proprietary model is truly a paradigm shift in thinking, offering a new sound, superior, proactive approach to protecting and preserving wealth utilizing both alternative paper assets, as well as tangible assets. While so many others will continue to operate in the deceitful and flawed modalities being advised by an industry they no longer trust, John’s clients are positioned properly for the Global Financial Reset that is upon us.

Wealth coach consultation and assistance with John Michael Chambers. Protect and preserve your assets. Increase your income. Be prepared for the Global Financial Reset. As a paid subscriber, you gain access to the highest quality of like-minded professionals in John’s network including a double PhD who was nominated for two Trump committee positions.

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