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2019 Trump, Restoring Power to the People

Man of the Century – Our Great President Donald J. Trump

As 2018 comes to an end it’s time to briefly reflect on where we have been and more importantly what lies ahead in 2019. As I laid out in my book “Trump and the Resurrection of America“, that this is in fact America’s second revolution and that multiple battles of magnitude will be fought on many fronts in order to resurrect America. Well, 2018 was a phenomenal success and we are indeed winning my friends, we are winning! Promises Kept.

Selective Sources

I get out there and do a lot of public speaking as well as interviews like this recent one on INFOWARS. Through my surveys it seems to me, that many of us who are active and supportive of President Trump and this movement for mankind, feel we are not winning. Some people seem to be stuck in the band of fear rather than confidence and proactive support.

Be selective with your sources. Please. If you must watch MSM like Fox News for example, be selective as to who you watch on Fox. I for one, only tune in here and there to gauge what is being said to the general pubic at large as a useful tool for me to see what the public is consuming so I know my entry point. But for the news behind the news? I’m talking about what is really the story behind the MSM headline narrative? I look towards others sources. Intel.

Intel you say? Sure. People like Kevin Shipp, Robert David Steele and of course Q, QANON. There are also many other sources, analysts, commentators, researchers, economists etc. that are preferred sources. This, along with many people that I know who are “in the know”, plus selective alternative media news, I find quite credible and most helpful. Remember garbage in-garbage out. Become selective with your sources. Follow Trump on Twitter and know this-we are winning! Dangerous and increasingly dangerous this will become for a while, but the pendulum has shifted and we are winning.

2019 Trump, Restoring Power to the People

What is a by-product (or actually THE product) of resurrecting America? It is the restoration of power to the people. This has already begun. As 2019 unfolds, there will be a resurgence of awareness as the power to the people is being restored. Jobs returning home. A restructuring of the global chess board determining who are our friends and allies and who are not. Soon endless wars will diminish. The monetary system is being restored on the pathway to re-establishing sound money and addressing the global debt time bomb. The Federal Reserve and the Rothschild banking dynasty has finally met it’s match. Game over. Have a look at the Scale of Discovery and Action and know this-we are now at steps six and seven. We are winning and they are on the run.

With the recent upset of the century, the deep state and shadow government of this world has experienced its first real setback with the election of Donald J. Trump as President of the United States.The globalists now tremble as Trump and this movement threaten their totalitarianism world government. Although optimism has returned, the battle now begins as President Donald J. Trump leads America’s second revolution.

So, batten down the hatches folks. Stay the course. Read up on martial law and military tribunals by looking into the archived articles on my website. The bloodbath in the stock and bond markets, and the debt crisis will be long and painful. No pain? No gain! Support this President. And get out of harms way. I will write an article very soon with regards to the Fed and the Reset, what’s in store, and what you can do to not only survive, but thrive. The Global Financial Reset has now officially begun. Sign up for my FREE RSS FEED and receive notifications each time I author and post an article. Also, learn more about the paid subscription to the John Michael Chambers Report and remain informed and connected for only .25 a day. This is most important.

I wish for us all, a safe, prosperous and miraculous new year. Keep up the fight. Spread the word. When your children and grandchildren ask you-“What were you doing when the global governance was being thrust upon America and the world”, what will your answer be? Freedom, it’s up to us. May God continue to bless and protect our President and our country. Happy New Year my friends, Happy New Year!

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