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2020 The Year that Changed Everything

2020 The Year that Changed Everything

Commentary and Analysis by John Michael Chambers

Happy New Year my friends and fellow patriots. I embrace 2020 as a realist and my realism coupled with quality information and intuition, tells me to buckle up and just know this, we are indeed winning. Please read on.

If you are not yet aboard, if you cannot yet see but do in fact feel some internal change taking place, fear not. Start here, breaking free from the matrix.  Maybe this will help. There is a plan to save the world. It’s happening. We are that plan. We are moving from dark to light. This will be much easier on you if you can free yourself from controlled thought. You will. I know you will. The President is preparing us and the world. Dark secrets and evil activities are now being revealed. Nothing is as it seems. This is the tip of the iceberg. Watch what unfolds in 2020 and beyond. Get comfortable being uncomfortable until you safely and stably join us in truth. Then you are grounded beyond words. WWG1WGA.

2020 will be the year that changed everything. It will be an amazing year. It will be an eventful year and that is the understatement of the century. “The Secret of Change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new” – Socrates. We are clearly fighting the old but what many do not realize is that for the past three years, team Trump and we the patriots have already begun building the new. The death of Globalism and the resurrection of America is already in motion with massive progress on both fronts. Everything we see occurring at this unprecedented time in history is falling under three broad banners. The first banner is of course the Great Awakening. The second banner is the Rule of Law Reset and the third is the Global Financial Reset. This is how we resurrect America. This is how we redirect the course for humanity. Life after Trump? We’ll get to that a bit later. Having said that, there is a long way to go. First a bit of a recap and then from a 30,000 foot view, this is what I believe will occur in 2020, the year that changed everything.

2020 The Year That Changed Everything

Impeachment – Trump will not be impeached.

The so called articles of impeachment (should be called the “articles of no impeachment”), may be dismissed either by the Senate or by the Supreme Court due to the unconstitutional procedure and the fact that there are no impeachable offenses in the articles that Pelosi as of present is withholding from the Senate. There could be a no trial quick Senate vote or there could be a trial with witnesses.  And if this fake, phony and false impeachment somehow remains on the Presidential record for President Trump, I say it will be dismissed and removed a bit down the line. At the end of the day, President Trump will not be impeached and will not be removed from office. Carry on patriots. Carry on.

De-class – The de-class exposes. Path to justice begins.

The de-class has already begun. It began with IGI which cited over 20 violations made by former FBI Director James Comey. Exposure. Drip, drip. The world now knows that James Comey is a liar and a leaker. There are reasons for this and timing is everything.

IGII was devastating to the deep state and its operatives. Although the Obama appointed Horowitz failed to fully deliver the goods by not accurately addressing bias and pre-meditation of the FISA abuse etc, but know this-the buck stops with AG Barr and John Durham and each have expressed their disagreement with certain aspects of the IGII report. With IGII, serious major damage was inflicted.

Then there is Rudy. Rudy Giuliani’s investigative work will expose the Biden’s and much more. We have most if not all of the 33,000 e-mails that Clinton tried to get rid of. Let us not forget the Jeffrey Epstein case. This is also underway. AG Barr said this about Epstein, “Let me assure you that this case will continue on against anyone who was complicit with Epstein. Any  co-conspirators should not rest easy.” Epstein leads us to Royalty, the CIA and the Mossad. Then of course an extensive list of politicians, the global elite, corporate execs, and Hollywood. There are films, witnesses, pictures and other devastatingly awful evidence. Pedophilia is the achilies heel of the deep state.

Julian Assange is set for another Wikileaks data dump that will be devastating watch for this in 2020. All things indicate that Julian Assange will see his day in a US Court later in 2020. This is an asset for us. We shall see steady exposure of the deep state. I once again refer us to steps 6, 7 and 8 on the “Scale of Discovery and Action“.  With this now here in 2020, this is what will make 2020 the year that changed everything.

We are in the beginning stages of a pendulum shifting moment of magnitude. Yes as stated all along, all roads lead to Obama and Clinton as far as US politicians are concerned. So we may very well see, Comey, Page, Strzok, McCabe, Brennan, Clapper, Schiff, Biden and many others begin to face the music. There are well over 100,000 Federal sealed indictments. It’s a drip system. Step by step. The plan is in motion. Get ready for the world to be rocked. Oh and China has met its match in Trump. Here too, we are winning. Oh yes and remember that AG Barr reinstated the Federal Death penalty for a reason and all indications are that the tribunals coming up in 2020 and beyond will be live streamed. I’ve written about this with sourced links. Remember the marines were activated to protect the President and we the people, This too I have written about with sourced links. Remember this, the punishment for treason is death. The President names names here in this clip.

Disruptions – Frenzied Panic no longer concealed.

We are already seeing the enemy hidden in plain sight. The deep state, the media and the Dems. are panicking. Breaking laws, lying, stealing cheating, bribing, blackmailing and making a million mistakes along the way trapping themselves and convicting themselves further and further. They know the fuse has been lit. There is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. Their time is up. They will do whatever it takes to remove Trump and or see that he is not re-elected. Newsflash-they will lose.

Here are some highly probable disruptions, distractions and horrific events we can expect to see in 2020 as their days are numbered and they are in full scale meltdown and panic mode.  God forbid, but additional assassination attempts. Expect more impeachment hoaxes and approaches. Suicides and suicideds. Others becoming “gravely ill” then passing away.  Rising tensions in America. Civil unrest. False flags of all kinds. Failed attempts to bring the stock market down. Voter fraud, election theft. Further impingement upon the second and first amendments. Endless attempts to bring Trump and all of us down. Attempts to escalate hot spots and to start new wars as Trump is working on ending endless wars. Impeachments, tax returns, law suits and who knows what else they will be throwing at the wall to see if anything sticks. This is America’s second revolution and we are in the heat of the battle in 2020.

Election of 2020 – Historical landslide for Trump

I do not believe that Joe Biden will be the nominee. In fact, I’m not sure that anyone we see on the platform today will be the nominee. Time will tell. I do believe and I have said this all along, that we may see Hillary or Michelle as the nominee. If so, bring them on. Hillary will be mid AG Barr and Durham investigations and I sure would love to unpack Michelle’s (Michael’s) suitcase as she debates Trump. Bring it on.  Fair and square, no one will be Trump in 2020. More and more Blacks, Hispanics and Democrats will be voting for Trump. We may even win back the house in 2020. The two party system as we know it is coming to an end. Big change will be here come 2024 election process and parties.

The President is working on the Census question, E-Verify, Voter ID and counting paper ballots as a back-up to the rigged computers of which I have written about in my book and articles and spoke about quite often over the past nearly 4 years. The white hats saved the election of 2016 by launching a counter AI attack to prevent the full theft. The chapter in my book was among the first to document this revealing information about what really happened. I trust they are preparing for 2020 just the same. If relatively un-rigged, Trump wins his second term in an absolute landslide, electoral college and popular vote. We are taking our country back. This battle will rage on for years and years to come.

Economy  – Global Financial Reset Underway

After failed attempts to bring down the markets in 2020 as an attempt to derail Trump’s voter base, the markets will continue to maintain these new and lofty levels through 2020 and perhaps beyond for a bit. But big change is on the horizon and not without disruption. Trump is in control and has been since January 4, 2019 as the Fed is essentially is under the control of the President to some extent. This is a subject that gets no media attention and yet will prove to be among the biggest stories of the century come 2020 and beyond. Far too much to write in context here in this article, but in short – Trump and team are ending globalism. Ending the Central Bank Federal Reserve IMF petrodollar system. Ending endless wars. A reset of multiple sorts will occur. Check out this brief talk on Trump dismantling the system en-route to a full global financial reset beginning in 2020 and beyond. The death of globalism is happening. Power is to be restored to the people. With Trump and now BREXIT and Boris, we will see more and more countries coming aboard. The return of sound money is underway. The Fed and the IRS will cease to exist as we know it from 2020 and beyond but not without a fight. A serious fight.

Great Awakening

Although there is an increasing amount of people who can see what is really going on, most are still asleep and unknowingly owned by the system in terms of their own perceptions of reality. This will change. This is changing. There is a great awakening taking place within the human spirit and it is global. For anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear, or for anyone who is courageous enough to step outside the box and be intellectually honest, the facts are clear and unambiguous. A raised understanding is needed as to the realization that a major paradigm shift is now-right now, under way and that we have been living in a web of deceitful lies designed to entrap us and move us away from the spirit and from truth as we march blindly like useless idiots down the road to serfdom. The opposite of love is not hate, it is fear. So, choose love. As you obtain more and more truths, then take the correct steps in implementing change, the fear subsides. Check out this talk I gave. Learn about Q.

Many of us have become a part of what I call the robotic hypnotic flock. Ignorant followers, so to speak. Now, being a follower is a good thing as most of us are not leaders, yet we rely on leadership. When being a follower, be a wise and discerning one and not an ignorant one. Be aware of who or what ideology you are following and ask yourself if this is pro-survival with the greatest benefit to the many without hurting the one. Then proceed. The leadership that was nowhere to be found, arrived and by no accident. That leadership is through President Donald Trump and team. Get on board. Observe the obvious, trust but verify, practice critical thinking, question authority, question everything, and think for yourself. Surround yourself with people of like-mind who do indeed truly understand the times in which we live and expand those circles of relationships.


The challenges we all face are enormous but the scales are tipping. This is our time; we have a chance. The time for action is now. You are nothing more than an accomplice should you stand by idly as the culture and planet declines rapidly into a very, very unpleasant condition. It is my hope that we begin to come to realize these misconceptions and begin the much needed course corrections, both personally and collectively. This has begun.

We must stop and take a look around us to re-asses ourselves, others, life, living, and the systems and structures that make this world go round. If you are tired of spinning around in the hamster wheel called your life, then it’s time to look at who is spinning that wheel and what you can do to stop this circular insanity. The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails. It is time to adjust the sails. Being honest may not get you a lot of friends but it’ll always get you the right ones. Get on board.

The human race and the universe itself are becoming more and more conscious of itself. This is a good thing as we are a culture and civilization in serious decline, a planet in peril. A full course correction is needed, and has indeed begun and soon the masses will see this. In this, there is hope. You can’t change people. They change themselves by their own decisions. You can influence them and guide them. Meanwhile the blissfully ignorant go along as though it was business as usual. It’s not business as usual, and I can assure you of this.

Yes the great change for humanity is underway. It is the battle of all battles. It will rage on for years and years to come. Life after Trump? I will save this critical discussion at a later date. I have insights.

These things cannot be long hidden, the sun, the moon and the truth. Peace and love shines bright in the light. Let’s brighten this light all around the world while there is still a chance to do so. Won’t you join us? “There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask why. I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?” – Robert F. Kennedy

2020 The Year that Changed Everything


News Behind The News

With this new year comes new activities for me. Yes I am writing weekly, speaking monthly doing media interviews, and running a monthly 501(c)4 as an additional contribution to serving others in this great awakening. And as of January 6, 2020 I will be launching a daily program called the News Behind The News. Please visit this link and subscribe. In addition to YouTube, I plan to expand this to ROKU as well. Please follow me there. WWG1WGA

News Behind the News

Clarion Call

This battle will rage on for the rest of our lives. Pray for our President and his family. No Trump-no hope. What we do right here, right now is for posterity. So when your children and grandchildren ask you “What were you doing when the global governance was being thrust down the throat of America and the world, what will your answer be? Freedom, it’s up to U.S.

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