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A Different Take On Racism

A Different Take On Racism

A Different Take On Racism

Let me ask you a question, okay? What would happen if there were disruptions to the food supply, access to clean water, or catastrophic natural or man-made disasters, how important will these supposed racial issues be then?

I believe people are inherently good. Yes, by some measures, there is about 20% or more of the global population that is really problematic and messing things up for not only themselves but for anyone who crosses their path. And yes, by some measures there are about 2%-3% psychotic paranoid sociopaths who are wreaking havoc and making this a prison planet, but still, I believe people are instinctively and inherently good. I will illustrate this now.

September 11, 2001

Tragedy brings unity. Did anyone in the towers or down on the ground in and around the world trade center think for one moment about not saving a person’s life or helping a traumatized hurt person because he or she was black or white? Did racism ever cross anyone’s mind? I should say not. Why? Because we are instinctively and inherently good, and we are indeed brothers and sisters united in a much bigger cause and purpose and we are interdependent upon one another. My survival is linked to your survival and vice versa. In moments of sudden tragedy, it is instinctive that we help each other; this is one of the better virtues of the human race; this is love; this is brotherhood. So take off your white t-shirt and take off your black t-shirt and all that represents, and get honest and real. Shame on you! We don’t need a crisis of magnitude to love each other. Love each other now. If you love freedom and peace and if you love equality, how can you behave this way? Would you be able to look MLK, RFK, Rosa Parks, or Gandhi or anyone of these high caliber men or women that you have revered in the face with the actions you have displayed? I am talking to both blacks and whites.

Whenever I hear someone side with either the blacks or the whites in a prejudice or racist tone, on the race issue, I know at once they are part of the problem and simply do not get it. You took the bait and are acting out just as anticipated in the Hegelian Dialectic. You see this all over the mainstream news, on the Internet, and on Facebook and Twitter as well as behind closed doors. The only side to be taking is the side of love and unity, period. How blind and ignorant can people be to simply choose a side they offer and create and then just regurgitate and repeat all the talking points they heard on the nightly news narratives? This makes me sick. In doing so, you have fallen for the trap, and in my view, to a greater or lesser extent, you are in fact a part of the problem. Now of course, if a person regardless of color or any other category you would like to pick that differentiates us, if this person is harming others, or breaking the law or transgressing against society, etc., you can chose to have opinions about such a person but have them for their actions, not for the color of their skin. Look at individuals one on one. Words from Johnathan Gentry.

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As I have mentioned before, presently the world is void of true leadership to provide hope, promise, and direction to restore human decency and peace to this world. This will change. In fact this change has already begun.

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