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America's Last Stand No Trump No Hope

It is beyond the eleventh hour. Without a Trump Presidency America will be lost forever swallowed up into the NWO’s global governance. This truly is America’s last stand no Trump no hope.

America’s Last Stand No Trump No Hope

The following was written by Richard Davis, MD, and is an excerpt of the forward for the book “What One Man Can Do” authored by John Michael Chambers.

Mr. Trump is the first political outsider in American history to make it to the doorstep of the presidential nomination in either major political party. And unlike the current teleprompter-reading puppet in the Oval office, Donald Trump is the manifest embodiment of ‘Hope and Change’. He is a true American who says what he means and means what he says. And unlike his presumptive rival – Hillary Clinton, Mr. Trump says what’s on his mind, and speaks the truth as he sees it. He does not pander to every audience he meets – lying out of both sides of his mouth along the way. So like him or not, Donald Trump lets you know where he stands on the issues; Hillary only says what you want to hear.

Hillary’s motivations for this campaign are complex. For her, it’s all about aggregating personal wealth and power, and more importantly trying to twist enough arms and wielding her considerable political leverage and influence to stay out of prison for the numerous crimes she has committed. For Mr. Trump, it’s about restoring the Republic and “Making America Great Again.” For those jaded pundits, who know nothing of Trump the man, they would have you believe this is nothing more than a catchy slogan and campaign rhetoric. Those who know Donald Trump – know better.

What One Man Can Do

What One Man Can Do is an honest evaluation of Mr. Trump including pointing out his share of flaws (who of us is flawless?). The book shows that he has done more for America than Hillary Clinton ever dreamed of doing. She has spent a lifetime as a career politician living off the backs of the taxpayers – using every scheme and ploy imaginable to build herself up. Donald Trump earned his way to the top in the hardnosed tough world of high stakes business, and has built a multibillion dollar empire of successful businesses in the process. Mrs. Clinton is a proven liar. Donald Trump is a proven leader. Mrs. Clinton has never done anything constructive for America. In fact, everything that she has ever been involved with turns into war, death and destruction. Donald Trump has used his talents to build a more beautiful world and knows how to gets positive things done. Between them, he and he alone possesses the essential qualities for the presidency.

Free Book

Also subscribe here and I will send you a complimentary copy of my 2015 bookMisconceptions and Course Corrections – A Collection of Critical Essays for Our Times”. This eye opening book may be a great tool to pass along to others in the effort to shift the pendulum from division to unity against the real merchants of chaos.

And on a more direct political note, pick up your copy of my latest Donald Trump book, “What One Man Can Do”. This book does not only challenge even the most awakened reader but it also can serve as a valuable reference guide and tool to awaken and inspire others that need your help coming aboard.

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