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America Under Siege – The Next Move

America Under Siege - The Next Move

America Under Siege – The Next Move

During the months of October 2016 through January 2017, I wrote the book, “Trump and the Resurrection of America, Leading America’s Second Revolution.” The book was released via Outskirts Press in February 2017 and a second edition was published later in 2019 by Defiance Press. We can clearly see today, that we are under siege and that this is America’s second revolution with President Trump leading the way. We are under siege from within. The deep state, the shadow government and the many systems which make this world go ’round, and our very way of life, and our life for that matter, are under serous attack. No news flash here. America under siege – the next move.

I am often asked what do I think about this or that and when will this and that happen etc. Below I will list what I believe are probable outcomes with estimated time frames. I do have a high degree of accuracy with regards to future forecasts, however I am clearly not 100% accurate 100% of the time. Having said that here goes.

Next Set of Events

With less than 5 months to election day, we can expect escalating turbulent times. Below is by no means a comprehensive commentary but will serve as my views among the critical issues we are facing as America is under siege. The deep state, Republican swamp creatures, many Democrats, many members of the MSM, corporate execs, Hollywood and music industry wackos, royalty and members of governments and cartels throughout the world have all been put on notice. Notice? Sure, felonies, treason, pedophilia, crimes against humanity and so on. So what are the next set of events?

False Flags – Ongoing FF’s. We had, in 2020 alone, Impeachment, to Soleimani, to Covid -19, to racism, de-funding and disbanding the police to complete anarchy on the streets of America. Expect more false flags and perhaps of magnitude as the deep state are utterly panicking and losing control. Seems as they are gaining control, truth is they are losing control.

Disruptive Nuisances – Warmonger deep state RINO swamp creatures like John Bolton and a smattering of Generals have been activated. Expect more. Expect legal battles for the Trump administration. Expect further efforts by Nadler and Pelosi and camp to tangle up the President in further baseless battles.

Economic – The first major attempt to destroy Trump’s economy was Covid-19, While this has certainly wreaked havoc, the markets and economy are coming back. I would expect another hit of some sort designed to bring the economy down again. And of course more disinformation, medical manipulation and outright lies are at the doorstep concerning the “second wave” of the boogeyman virus is in order.

Election Theft Voter Fraud – Much of what is to come is focused on seeing that Trump is not reelected. Again this is not just about the deep state regaining power and control but is also motivated by utter fear knowing that justice is coming. Prison, GITMO, death. So preventing free and fair elections is on the top of their list. Thus mail in ballots etc. They know sleepy creepy Joe Biden cannot beat Trump. I believe we may see the entry of another either to replace Biden. We may see a “health” or “accident” related event concerning Biden. Only reason they chose him is that he is a much of a swamp creature as the rest of them and he will follow the deep states orders like a good obedient corrupt politician. So who might enter then on the ticket? Michelle Obama and Hilary Clinton may be at the top of the list. Time will tell. Or will the FF event be of such magnitude that there may not be an election at least for quiet some time?

Will Trump win? Of course he will. And if (I don’t think this will happen, but it is a possibility), the damage created by the deep state psychopaths, is so severe that free and fair elections are in serious jeopardy, there is always Martial Law, which would suspend elections. In either case, whose your President? Trump’s your President! I do feel the Trump cards get played in the nick of time.

De-class and the Deep State – We will see in my opinion, the first set of indictments and perhaps arrest as soon as the fall of 2020 and for sure after President Trump’s election victory. If you have not read much of my work (nearly 500 articles, books and my daily news broadcast), it’s time to catch up and this will make a whole lot more sense to you. 2021 and beyond will be met with challenges as the de-class will still have a long ways to go, with the global financial reset gaining momentum along with censorship battles being won by us and the exposure then restructure of big Pharma, 5G and so on.

What To Do?

Stay safe. It’s going to get increasingly more dangerous for the duration of 2020 and perhaps a bit beyond. Pray for our President and his family, pray for America. Surround yourself with like minded people who understand this times in which we live. Less FOX NEWS, more alternative sources. Get active on social media, expose lies, reveal truths. Join a local politically active group. Freedom, it’s up to us. This is it. It’s either us or them.

And on a personal and survival note, don’t get prepared, be prepared. Extra toilet paper would have come in handy a few months ago. Have adequate food, water, and other needed essentials. God, guns and gold. Have some cash at home. Wake others up. They are beginning to see it. They now know. Help them. Vote Trump. No Trump, no hope.  Stay the course, trust the plan and remember WWG1WGA. The best is yet to come. Victory is ours.

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