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And the Democrat Nominee is?


Since the emergence of the overt Socialist platform within the Democrat party, I have questioned the true motive behind this. This short blog post addresses more questions than answers at this time.

Could it be this was deployed as an attempt to accomplish what they have always wanted but were operating in the past covertly, that being a Socialist America en-route to a full blown Communist-like form of government? Or was it deployed as a series of steps to gain popularity for future elections like 2024 and beyond, sort of as a beta test? And with the emergence of Joe Biden (representing the old Democrat platform), was this move done to introduce the contrast of the Socialist Democrats to the traditional Democrat party gaining support from their bases as the leading platform between the two, only to then introduce Michelle Obama (Michael R.) to be the anointed / appointed Democrat nominee? Time will tell.

Looking at the above analysis in question format, I believe we may see Michelle Obama. Time will tell. In any case, I predict a Trump landslide in both the popular and electoral college. The only thing in my view that will prevent this, is death or a successfully rigged election. Un-rig the system. Pray. Vote for Trump and get other Republicans to do the same.


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