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Battle of Biblical Proportions

In it together banner, battle

There is so much going on and time for me is short. We are in the midst, of a battle of biblical proportions. I believe major indictments and arrests are imminent. More on this later in this commentary. Pray for our war time President Donald J. Trump.

I know one thing for sure, we must unite with one heart and one mind and cast our differences and in-fighting aside, for we are in it together. This PLANdemic has been enormously disruptive all over the world, but it has in fact failed and so expect further attacks on multiple fronts. We are at war. Not red and blue armies with bayonet rifles and cannons, but an intelligence war which includes a war on your mind.

General Michael Flynn

General Flynn, an American Hero, as I and others have stated all along, was set up in a crooked cop perjury trap. Flynn will remain free either by process or pardon. I hope he sues them. Yes, it is the Federal Governments obligation to pay, thus we the tax payer must pay, and, I for one, would be honored to participate. In either case they are all going down. I also see a pardon for Roger Stone down the pike. Would be great to have General Flynn serving under the Trump administration to help us take down the deep state. Let’s see how this plays out and thank you so very much, Sydney Powell. Stay safe. Flynn now opens the floodgates. Arrests and further indictments are now imminent.

Malfunctioning Joe And the Two Ladies (well maybe it’s really only one)

We all know that Biden is a creepy man with images and videos over the years of his grossly inappropriate behavior not only to women, but little boys and girls. Biden will also be taken down in due time for his abuse of power in office with the Ukraine, Burisma, China and scores of other dealings over his political career, one of no substance, just destruction in my view.

I’ve written and spoken about this for quite some time and still believe so to this day. I may be wrong. Time will tell. The Democrats and DNC know that Biden cannot beat Trump in spite of the “skimming”, that is taking place today with completely bogus polling in battleground states. It’s all BS. Could these sexual allegations be just what the doctor ordered for the Dems? Believe me, they already threw Biden under the bus a long tine ago. Now they may drive the bus over him. Will he now, soon, be replaced? Is it a Hillary / Michelle, (the two ladies but maybe it’s really only one), ticket or something of the sort? Time will tell. And soon.

America Opening for Business

We now enter the combative phase of this insane lock down and shutdown of the global economy. President Trump has wisely left it up to the Governors to handle their states. The Federal guidelines have now been lifted. He is giving these Governors enough rope to climb back up to peace and prosperity or to expose and hang themselves. Most will climb. Others will hang. Let them hang. Why?

Because they are exposing themselves. And the people, even many Democrats and independents (notice I did not mention the far left liberal lunatics), will be parting ways with these Democrat Governors, Mayors and elected officials at the ballot box. The American people want to get back to work. They want to get back to the business of life and living in America. Another brilliant move by our President. Meanwhile, AG Barr is on the record stating that he is watching if (when), Governors encroach upon our Constitutional rights and civil liberties and cross the line, they can expect a visit from AG Barr. Whose in control of all this? Trump and we the patriots, that’s who. Carry on.

Army Reserves Called To Duty

President Trump last week called additional reserves to help south of our border, going after and taking down the drug and human trafficking cartels. This of course is important not only for obvious reasons, but this cuts off major funding for the deep state scumbags.

What’s Next?

This PLANdemic turns out to be an evil and disgraceful hoax of gargantuan proportions; crimes against humanity. Further justice is coming, They just keep piling it on. You can learn more abut this by reading the links below which include video discussions with medical experts, and I’m not talking about the deep starers, Fauci, Birx and the boogeymen.

As you have heard by now, Dr Erickson & Dr Massihi were on Laura Ingraham. Before the end of Laura’s show, YouTube took the interview down . Look around, Im sure you can find it somewhere. Here is a bit f what they said.

No need to shelter in place or shutdown business.  Quarantine only the sick.

  1. Health system completely focused on COVID.  You quarantine only the sick but this is first time public health quarantined the healthy which is the antithesis of what we do in healthcare.  We have never responded like this in the history of our country and disease management.

  2. Quarantine of the healthy decreases the effectiveness of your immune system – then the disease will spike.

  3. 12% CA positive for COVID.  Fauci predicted millions of deaths not just cases.  Widespread exposure which is good to develop herd immunity.   In CA 1,220 deaths  0.03% chance of dying.  96% who contract this recover.

  4. 0.1% chance of dying in NY  92% chance of recovery

  5. We have tested over 4 million in this country – more than any other country  19.6% positive.  64 mil have it which is compared to flu

  6. Deaths 37k – 60k/yr for deaths from Flu w/o shutting down business and sheltering in place.  Flu is ubiquitous.  in the US 0.01%

  7. Spain – 22% of all tests positive  0.05% chance of death & 95% recovery

  8. Lockdown – Sweden no lockdown  Norway lockdown   Sweden 21% of tested are positive = 2 mil cases  1,765 deaths vs  1,220 in CA with isolation.  Norway 4.9% positive = 1.3 mil cases 192 deaths .003% chance of death – Not really significant to necessitate a shutdown.

  9. Cost of social isolation is horrific with an increase in  – child molestation, alcohol & drug use, spousal abuse, depression, suicide.

  10. Staff is furloughed, and medical system collapsing

  11. Flu  24k-62k deaths per CDC =  0.13% chance of death from flu in US per 2017 stats  widespread but small amount of deaths

So what’s next? The battle rages on. This is the big one, really. They have accelerated the NWO’s UN Agenda 2030 goals simply because all other attempts to remove this duly elected amazing president have not only failed, but boomeranged upon them. They have tried to splinter our movement and the support for this amazing, God’s chosen one, our miracle President. We have grown in numbers. Since this is a battle of biblical proportions and the inevitable re-election of Donald J. Trump looms, they will continue to fight until their last breath. Learn about UN Agenda 2030. This is Part I. Parts II, II, IV will be aired weekly over the next three weeks.

Dark To Light


Expect more false flags. Games will be played to attempt to have mail-in voting ballots only so they stand a better chance of stealing the election. Expect possible and deliberate disruptions to the food supply or perhaps a hit on the grid system. Perhaps something far worse. I’m not going to list the possibilities as I’d rather focus on what we all can and should be doing to unite and fight for whats right, the resurrection of America. The taking back of our way of life and of our country that we have allowed to slip away over these past 30 some odd years.This battle, right here, right now and for the duration of 2020 determines all.

President Trump told us that he caught the swamp a long time ago. And now, justice begins. Why so long in the making? Because the swamp runs far deeper than you think. The multiple investigations are thorough and all along the way we have been choking them off at critical points of power behind the scenes and on multiple fronts. Let us not forget there are over 160,000 Federal Sealed Indictments. And the people? They are not ready for the truth all at once. It would crash society and the world. We are talking about treasonous acts Crimes against humanity. Satanic and demonic practices including rape and sodomy of infants and children both boys and girls along with painful torturous deaths of such individuals so that those involved in the sacrifice, can have their adrenochrome.

We are talking about baseless endless wars resulting in massive destruction, huge debt, and the cost of millions upon millions of innocent lives and the stealing and rigging of elections as well as creating disease and pandemics for control and profit along with controlling us by controlling the debt based fiat currency, ruled and controlled by the Federal Reserve and the Central Bank system. These things and so much more including being lied to and propagandized until the cows come home via “education”, “entertainment” and the fake news creating a drugged up, dumbed down, and utterly brainwashed populace of regurgitating robots who are having a tough time detecting truth from lies. It has to drip out on them so they see if for themselves. This has been happening over the course of the past few years and is accelerating equally to commensurate with the attacks they are unleashing upon, us and the people of the world, our true brothers and sisters. The deep state , media , the Dems. and the rest of the scum, are absolutely panicking and scared to death. Why? Because they know what they have done. They know we know. They see their power slipping away. And they know we are about to take them down. It’s about to get very, very real,


The tech giants who are trouncing on our first amendment will lose all control after the election. We are working on this now. Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Amazon etc. Cures and treatment for the boogeyman virus are here and coming. I believe arrests are imminent. So does Joe Digenova, Donald Trump Jr., Lyndsey Graham Ann Vandersteel and Q along with many, many others. Remember, this is the battle of all battles. The battle of biblical proportions. It’s either us, or them. Failure is not a option. You can keep throwing stones at us, you can remain ignorant. You can serve the enemy, or you can get on the right side of history. We are in it together. The dot connecting is before you if you kook in the right places. We can help you. Follow us here.

I believe we will see very, very, soon, the arrests of Comey, Clapper, Brennan and others. Then the trials begin and the indictments begin to open like a water faucet. This gets the process started. It starts now with the exoneration of General Flynn and FISA warrant abuse. This is the door opener, Something the people can more easily relate to. It builds from there. The modern day Nuremberg style trails are coming to a theater near you. Get the popcorn and enjoy the show.

In my opinion, after the 2020 election victory for humanity, the trials and tribunals begin. They are ALL going down. This will go on for some years as the suppressed advances in medicine and science along with cures for various life threatening ailments see the light. New ways for free energy are coming and I am not talking about the AOC of crazy Bernie model. Sound money will be restored along with a debt jubilee. The Bible tells us that the borrower is a slave to the lender. This debt based system, will be coming to an end. Endless wars become ended wars. Peace and prosperity and not just surviving, but thriving as we were intended to by our creator. This is dark to light. It will go on for some years  and you must act. And act now!

So What Can I do?

It’s time to get rid of many of our all stable datums if you will. You know, things we believed to be true many actually be far from the truth. Get comfortable being uncomfortable until you arrive on new and true solid ground. We can help you. For starters, turn off the fake news or perhaps watch it to contrast the new media’s views. The truths that you yourself must seek out. I and others can only point you. I encourage you to follow my new JMC weekly Report. This will be a free to the public word press site that will keep us informed, empowered and connected, and in my opinion, like no other. It is free. There is a premium subscription as well for extraordinary values. This site will be released on or before Sunday May 10, 2020. A press release will precede it. Follow us here at News Behind The News for our daily live broadcat with my co-host Kelly Ruiz and amazing guests. We are live daily, Monday through Friday at 11:00 AM EST

What else can we do? Seek truth, then share truth. We are at war. We need to expand and strengthen our army. Do not underestimate these words. If you are in a position to financially contribute please do so. You can help me here.  Many people like myself are sacrificing so much to deliver content and establish valuable resources and connections. We need your financial support.

Surround yourself with like minded people who understand the times in which we live and expand those circles of influence. Stay alert. Stay safe and don’t get prepared-BE PREPARED. Food, medicine, water, etc. Gold and silver for those with investable assets because the transition of the economy from the Central Bank System does not come with out risk and volatility as we are witnessing today with the PLANdemic torpedo which shut down the greatest economy the world has ever known. The second quarter numbers will soon wreak havoc. We will be back on course but not overnight and not without pain. Heed the call now.

Pray. Pray for peace. Pray for our President and his family. Pray for the resurrection of America and pray for humanity. We are in it together. Victory is on the horizon.

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John Michael Chambers

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Clarion Call

This battle will rage on for the rest of our lives. Pray for our President and his family. No Trump-no hope. What we do right here, right now is for posterity. So when your children and grandchildren ask you “What were you doing when the global governance was being thrust down the throat of America and the world, what will your answer be? Freedom, it’s up to U.S.

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