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Belgium US Muslim Ban

Belgium US Muslim ban. Yet another horrific tragedy carried out by ISIS this time in Belgium. Prayers and protection to all. How many times do we have to be told “I told you so”? Seems tragedy brings unity. Perhaps we can unite for once against the real enemy within and elect a candidate that can put an end to this insanity?

Belgium US Muslim Ban

No need to highlight or focus here on the on-going horrific acts of terrorism from ISIS taking place around the world. I think we know this and we get it. Meanwhile the President is at a baseball game in Cuba following a photo shoot in front of a public image glorifying the revolutionary brutal murderer Che Guevara.

Donald J. Trump has bravely and boldly stated (and has taken a lot of heat for it), that tighter border policies  and a ban on Muslims entering this country is needed until all of this is properly identified and eliminated. Then revamp border entry policies in addition to building the wall. Well in my opinion Trump is 100% correct. And Now This?

I Told You So

Those that know me may recall my views on this subject following the 911 wake-up call. Living in Colorado at the time caught up in the whirlwind activity of running my financial advisory practice in three states, I closed down my office for a week to process what had just happened to America and freedom. I said this then that we should immediately close the borders to all Muslims entering and even leaving the country. Investigate every single mosque and Muslim related organization within the borders including all financial related activities within the banking system. Then set new and firm policies to prevent the inflow of anyone who may be considered a risk into the country and empower and bolster border control. Had this been done then you would not only have a safer more secure America, but the rabbit holes that this approach would have led us to a world of information and today the world would be in a much different situation. Oh by the way, for all the non-threatening assimilated Muslims legally in America, they should be given a grant based on some sort of criteria for perhaps their children’s higher education or mortgage relief or something as a way of saying thank you for your patriotic cooperation having had to be selectively interrogated and investigated.  No we had to be politically correct at the expense now of many dead innocent people. Listen to Michael Savages analysis and commentary on Belgium terror.

Choose Wisely America

But all we got was the Bin Laden family rushed out of the country, attacked the wrong target by going into Iraq and Afghanistan, a bogus 911 commission report that cost less time and money than the Monica Lewinsky scandal. The 911 commission report did not even mention wold trade center building number seven (we now know why). Instead of a proposed solution as I just laid out here, we got the Patriot Act the, NSA, the TSA and more. Trump is right. “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act”- George Orwell. Let’s not have any more “I told you so” moments. Forget politics and parties. We will rebuild or we will perish. The choice is yours. This election cycle is a vote for our posterity. Our strength is in our unity. Choose wisely America.

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