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Brexit And The Trump Juggernaut

Brexit And The Trump Juggernaut

Brexit could not have happened at a better time and is a clear indication that the ruling elites plan for a one world military, one world government, one world currency and one world justice system is being challenged. Such great news for Donald Trump’s run for the White House. I mentioned in my Donald Trump book “What One Man Can Do”, that part of the Trump phenomenon is that other leaders in the world will begin to come aboard and move back towards sovereignty of nations in a brave thrust in defiance of the New World Order. Putin of course is very outspoken against this as we know. The Trump juggernaut will intensify and once Trump is President the momentum will be unstoppable. The international globalist cabal is shaking in their shorts and thus I would expect many false flags and danger at the doorstep. But with these turning tides the NWO globalists plans are being greatly disrupted and they now must take a defense stance in the quest for control. Trump the nationalist, Clinton the globalist. Which side of history will you be on? Learn more here about Trump vs. Clinton.

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