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Brief Election Analysis

In my opinion, Donald Trump was not supposed to happen and now the game has changed. Cruz and Rubio are finished. Kasich never stood a chance. The good Doctor Ben Carson should serve in the next Presidents administration.

The attacks on Donald Trump by the ruling elite will now begin to escalate significantly and will come from all over the world, namely the U.S. hitting Trump from every which way. Trumps life may be in danger. This should concern everyone. Hillary, if not in prison, will be the nominee and in such case Bernie will fade away. If the threat increases significantly for Hillary to be indicted and charged, you will see another candidate emerge on the scene to combat Bernie who was never intended to be the nominee. This is how I see it at least at this stage of the game. Perhaps I am right, perhaps I am wrong. I will post my views as things evolve.

What are your views? Weigh in here I would like to know. What is your approach to this election circus (I mean cycle)? Are you a pragmatist or a purist?

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