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By The Grace Of God

Donald J. Trump may have the nomination and or election to the Presidency stolen from him. And make no mistake about this, Donald Trump is in serious danger. Based on what I know, and what I see before me, and based upon history, the realist in me says the election of Donald Trump to the White House and his ability to serve out his term, without the hand of God is highly unlikely. They will do everything in their power to prevent this. The last resort by the psychopaths that are ruling the world would be to have him assassinated via one false flag or another. Be it via mind control through some “angry individual”, a heart attack (via a laser from the sky), drowning in the bathtub, car or plane accident, the list is endless. We have seen this before.

By The Grace Of God

This link was sent to me by a good friend and I thought I would share it here on this post.

In this one man’s opinion, Donald Trump (if the electoral process is legitimate), wins the election and wins the Presidency and he begins to lead us in “Making America Great Again.” However, this, in my opinion will not happen without the guiding, protecting hand and light of God. Have mercy on us and protect Donald J. Trump and this once great nation and bring us back into the light of God that never fails. The hour is at hand.

Donald Trump wins. He is a winner against all odds. Be sure to pick up your copy of my new book to be released on or before May 1, 2016, “What One Man Can Do”.

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