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Changing The Election Narrative

Changing The Election Narrative

I wonder if there will even be an election in 2016. This blog post raises important questions and possible scenarios that may or may not play out. Please read on…

Hillary Clinton

Regardless of your views, the release of the movie 13 hours cannot be something beneficial for Hillary Clinton. She is also under investigation and although the Clinton stronghold has always stood the test of time perhaps the powers above the Clinton machine are ready to pull the plug on her? Will the FBI seek an indictment? Could this prosecution and her legal troubles no longer qualify Hillary to run for President? Is this part of the agenda? Maybe not, time will tell. With this hypothetical possibility, that leaves Bernie Sanders on the Democrat side.

Bernie Sanders

Is Bernie Sanders even electable? Switching sides (not really), to the Republicans, there are a few possibilities to consider.

Donald Trump

Will there be a brokered convention? Will Trump have to run as an independent? How bad will election fraud be this voting season? Diebold computers counting votes? Is Trumps life in danger? Presently according to most if not all polls, Donald Trump leads the way and in a very big and unprecedented way. In my view, Donald Trump was not supposed to happen and he is becoming a major unwanted distraction to the new global agenda and will create set backs against this one world government should he win the Presidency. You see the transformation of America, which has been in motion for decades, has been successfully implemented from Bill Clinton, to George W. Bush and has accelerated dramatically with tremendous success by President Obama. Many say President Obama is incompetent. I disagree. He is very intelligent and very competent and he knows exactly what he is doing. So is Donald Trump even electable? This is a very important post to read.

Ted Cruz

Is Ted Cruz even eligible?

Obstacles To Overcome

Besides Trump, there are other annoying obstacles such as free speech and guns. Many countries such as Russia, Iceland and others for example are not going along with the NWO agenda and this can be seen on many fronts. They are actually making progress and are also a thorn in the side. But America is the last major obstacle.

Will There Even Be An Election?

Well there is of course the possibility that through a series of false flags and or major events whether economic, terror or otherwise, we could have a state of emergency declared, curfews and sectional mini-martial laws leading to a full blow martial law and a suspension of elections “in the interest of national safety”. Bang-zoom, done! The globalists completes the conquering of it’s last major obstacle, America.

Time will tell how the election of 2016 (that may never come to be) plays out. I know one thing for sure 2016 will be a pivotal year for the United States and for all of humanity. I am a short-term realist and a long-term optimist. I believe things will worsen significantly before they get better. I wish I were wrong, show me otherwise. But with this great awakening that is taking place around the world there is hope for the long term. We need to right now find out where we are in “The Process” and get busy living or get busy dying.

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