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Chicago Chaos Trump Has Been Ambushed

Chicago Chaos Trump Has Been Ambushed

The Situation

Donald Trump is in danger and is being ambushed. I was one of the first to blog on this back on December 9, 2015. The ruling elite who incite and fund these mobs (George Soros to name but one, as done in Ferguson for example) will do everything within their power to continue to sabotage Donald Trump’s efforts to win the GOP nomination and ultimately the Presidency by using these “low-information” puppets for their dirty deeds.

Make no mistake about this. And the majority of the media? Well you (the media) have already been exposed for who you are and most people get that. If the ruling elite NWO order group, (through very powerful and deceitful, unlawful and deceptive methods) prevent the nomination of Donald Trump, the will of the people, (which is what this country used to represent before it was hijacked), and the majority of people I might add, in these once United States, will have been silenced and snuffed out. But they will not be silenced, not this time. This brings to mind some very complex possible scenarios which I fear may come to be. I will get to these scenarios in just a minute, read on please. Also there is a very important trail of links at the end of this blog post that I encourage you to read.

Trump Ambushed

The chaos in Chicago tonight on March 11, 2016 was a series of collaborative efforts to disrupt the incredible and positive momentum that Donald J. Trump is creating all across America and the world for that matter. Trump is a voice for the majority of people who have been silenced for too long through these past 16 years of President Bush and President Obama. Yes there may have been some individual sort of lone peaceful protesters there in Chicago as well and that is all fine and good. But orchestrated chaos and mobs of people acting in a violent manner is another subject entirely. Civil disobedience and peaceful protests are one thing as it allows freedom of expression. But using the first amendment in a violent manner exercising the use of free speech to shut down free speech is twisted, insane and another matter entirely. You SOB’s are not fooling anyone. Democrats and Republicans alike even individuals on the far left are no longer buying your lies. You have been fully exposed thus your deceitful methods are clear as day to an increasing awakening world. Your days are numbered. People of sound mind regardless of political affiliation must unite.

Possible Scenarios

If they steal the nomination from Donald Trump we may see the following scenarios. Trump may be forced to run as an independent which could be very problematic in many ways. If the rallies continue there may be massive protests that will undoubtedly turn violent due to the rage that will occur from the intentional sabotaging and planting of people inside crowds coupled with a deceitful fueled frenzy creation by the government media complex resulting first in situational / geographical mini-martial laws which they will call curfews. Or perhaps full blown martial law resulting in the election suspension leaving the present administration in place indefinitely. Problem-Reaction-Solution, Hegelian Dialectic in full force.

Possible Solutions

For those of us of faith, pray for the safety of Donald Trump and for the safety of this nation. But I being a pragmatist and a realist, feel that this will take more than prayer. If the deliberate orchestrated disruptive violence continues and if not contained then perhaps the Trump team should consider the following:

  1. Reduce the live rallies that are successfully and presently taking place across the nation, or eliminate the rallies entirely until control is seized by the Trump administration come January 2017

  2. Since Trump will command all media time and attention-replace the rallies via creative events some live, some pre-poduced with Donald Trump and his advisors, such as the good Doctor Ben Carson, his developing policy team and others and keep the momentum going. The media are a seedy greedy bunch and will have no choice but to cover anything he does because the ratings will be off the charts and the advertising dollars will pour in. Beat them at their own game. This method will also reach far more many people than the rallies would anyway

  3. Team Trump can divert the dollars and the time from the live rallies to technology. Social media. Live streams. Video production. Press conferences. Appearances on TV news and talk shows. Produced television specials and so on as well as creative and positive paid advertising keeping the focus on the message of the problems this nation faces and the solutions proposed by candidate Trump to “Make America Great Again”.

I am sure Donald Trump will somehow turn this negative into a positive gaining more and more support and more and more votes. And now these important links. Please share this blog post everywhere you can. Time is not on our side.

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