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Citizens Vs. Wall Street. The Silver Wars Begin.

We are in the midst of Financial War. On one side we have:

  • Hedge Funds

  • Investment Banks

  • The Federal Reserve

  • The Rothschilds

  • George Soros

  • Chinese Money

They are allied with the Biden Admin, Big Tech and Media. They have colluded together to manipulate the financial system in their favor for permanent mastery over the global population.

On the other side we have the regular retail investors who socialize and educate each other on social media and forums such as WallStreetBets on Reddit.

They act as a decentralized hive mind and they are supported by white hat investors and social media personalities like Elon Musk, Dave Portnoy, and Don Trump Jr.

Their goal is to bring down the old system.

In my latest episode on American Media Periscope I talked about how its a possibility that Trump's allies have used their substantial financial resources to seed and fund this financial warfare.

Social media posts from Don Jr and Elon Musk signify that they are leading the charge, encouraging the retail investors to continue to squeeze against the enemy through favorite shorted stocks such as GameStop and AMC Cinemas.

The Squeeze is working, so far. About 3.7 Trillion dollars worth of market cap have been erased from the market. And predatory Hedge funds that tried to kill American businesses are going broke.

But this is just the first squeeze, its not over...and there are others happening simultaneously. Embattled companies such as Nokia and Blackberry have also been targeted by Wall Street sharks and the retail raiders are pumping their stocks to new levels and bankrupting hedge funds in the process.

There is a new development that has me excited because it shows that there is a way to transfer wealth to the regular person and also replace the old system with something trustworthy.

The silver market has been controlled and suppressed by the Wall Street sharks for a long time. There is a big movement starting to get retail investors to buy physical silver and force the big banks to scramble to cover their paper bets.

You should have seen social media this weekend. Everyone was posting about how they were buying silver. The online silver retailers websites were shut down by the traffic and many of them had to temporarily stop sales to catch up. Premiums for silver are going up. If you want a record of this, check out my timeline on

Even the mainstream media was fueling the silver boom with articles...making some people wonder if this idea was actually hatched by the deep state to take the pressure off the stock shorts.

Sure enough, silver is up to its highest point since 2013 today. Its up almost 10 percent just in the last 24 hours.

I believe that this is just the beginning of the regular citizen being a soldier in the financial war that is unfolding.

The problem is that many regular folks don't know how to trade stocks and they have their retirements in the very funds that are being targeted.

Not to mention if the whole system comes down and the dollar loses its value, it is the regular person who will suffer the most.

Its time for us to wake up and empower ourselves in these times of chaos.

We need to stop giving our money and energy to the enemy by supporting big tech, corporate America, and big banks.

They are all openly colluding to stop the retail traders. Why else do you think Robinhood has stopped retail traders from buying these very stocks and the main stream media has been calling retail traders racist. The battle lines have been drawn.

What I like about regular folks investing in physical silver and gold (and bitcoin) is that it removes the middle man from power. We don't need banks and government to conduct commerce.

If the dollar loses value, then you still have something in your hand. Although, when you have your own crypto or precious metals, you also have the responsibility to guard your own assets (or outsource guarding to a custodial service).

We are all aware of how much big tech, Wall Street, and the government can control an electronic or paper system and lock you out of that system whenever they want. China has a more evolved social credit system to lock people out of the financial system for wrong-think. That's what the deep state has in store for your future.

Owning physical precious metals and crypto on a hardware wallet addresses this issue.

With stock squeezes, the value of the companies become overvalued and there is no other choice but to sell and then you end up with deep state dollars again. That is, if you are sophisticated or lucky enough to time the squeeze correctly.

The stock squeezes may be effective at battling the deep state, but they are basically reserved for the most sophisticated retail investor.

With precious metals and legitimate crypto like Bitcoin and Ethereum, the built in scarcity and fundamentals justify a long term price increase.

I'm not a financial advisor and I'm not giving financial advice, but to me it makes sense to get one's money out of the stock market and into real assets that empower you such as:

  • Real Estate

  • Productive Farmland

  • Working Business

  • Self Sufficiency (water, energy, food etc)

  • Precious Metals such as Gold and Silver

  • Guns for hunting and protection

  • Bitcoin (if you are tech savvy)

There are 80 Million people in the MAGA movement in the USA and what we do with our money can change the course of history. Imagine if we all transferred our money from banks to credit unions or did boycotts of big tech.

I will continue to listen to the leaders in the MAGA movement and report back to you about what they are indicating us to do in this financial war. But in the end, you have to do what makes sense according to your own analysis and due diligence.

If there's anything I've learned through the Q drops, its that there is a very sophisticated plan in place to take down the deep state. Q has explicitly stated that Gold shall destroy the FED.

I know it is nerve racking to consider a financial collapse, but I believe the White-Hats have a very different plan than the Great Reset to create stability for all of us.

I have that confidence based on my analysis of Trump, the military, and Q. But even with all of that aside...our 80 million strong army of sovereign citizens can create any government or financial system we want. We have the power.

If you do want a free consultation about Silver and Gold including IRA's, you can get one with our sponsor Dr. Kirk Elliott of Sovereign Advisors. You can keep the physical metals yourself or Kirk can set you up with a custodial service in the USA with armed guards.

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