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During The Social Media Shutdown, Which Sources Can You Trust?

Trump and his circle of influencers continue to be fairly quiet. No one of importance such as Gen Flynn, Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, Rudy Guliani, Dan Scavino, Don Jr, or Mike Pompeo have put out any interesting intel on social media. Once exception is this article by Patrick Byrne posted by Gen Flynn: Trump also made a few remarks including "You have to watch out for the counter-move..." referring to a reaction to Big tech censorship. See Trump's video here The global operation to take down the deep state that is going on now (and will continue to happen) is secret and there are no leaks. Its difficult for the general public to know what is going on with such strict operational security.

  • Has the Pope or Italian PM been arrested?

  • Has the Insurrection Act already been signed?

I can't confirm any of that until that info is made available to the general public. To make matters more confusing for the public, there are purposeful disinformation leaks. A good example of that would be the state department website stating that Trump's term has already ended. All of the people (even good hearted patriots) who claim to have inside sources, I take with a grain of salt. They could be fed disinformation. So how can we figure out what is going on during the fog of war? To a certain extent we can't know for sure until a declassification. But we can confirm certain public events and analyze what they could mean.

  • Why did Pakistan and the Vatican have a blackout?

  • Why was there a no fly zone temporarily over DC?

  • Why is there a troop buildup in DC?

  • What are the implications of diplomatic normalization with Taiwan?

  • Why did a capitol police officer "commit suicide"?

  • Where are the Clintons, Obamas, etc?

A person who I think is asking the right questions and using logic to analyze events is Mike Adams of Specifically during the last two days of Trump's silence, he has released two breaking news update podcasts with a wealth of analysis. Mike doesn't paint a picture of despair or of rose colored glasses. He weighs different perspectives and gives his honest analysis as well as real solutions such as:

  1. The State department seizing domain names from big tech

  2. State AG's fining big tech for every censorship occurrence

Where as I see America reigning as a superpower with a strong economy dominating over a collapsed CCP over the next 4 years, Mike sees an ugly economic collapse and protracted war with China. I don't agree with everything Mike says, I'm more optimistic. But I think he has great intentions (he is a true patriot) analyzing conflicting sources and coming to honest conclusions. Compared to other patriot journalists online (who claim to have inside sources), I think Mike Adams is in a league above due to his ability to analyze and make informed guesses about what is going on politically. In his podcast he also goes into detail about the intricacies of the "storm on the capital" and how it was a semi-failed "deep state" operation that Trump is using within his strategy. So listen to the latest 2 episodes of his podcast here: For now, the best we have are the musings of intellectual patriots. But I believe that the public will not be kept in the dark for too much longer. Remember that the greatest asset Trump has is the support of half (or more) of the country. And public awakening is the death blow to the deep state. Declassification of the deep state's crimes are going to be shared with every American. So get prepared for shocking revelations possibly through:

  • The emergency broadcast system

  • Alternative news such as





  • Wikileaks style intel drops on the internet

Now that Twitter has been purged of Millions of Trump Supporters and Parler has been temporarily shut down, people are wondering where they can go to get information from Trump and his circle of influencers. I will give you a list of places to go and sign up as well as strategies for staying informed during this historic censorship of conservative America. Trump's son did announce that they will be launching a Freedom Social Network for patriots guaranteeing free speech. (no word on when this will occur) He also encouraged people to go to and sign up to the email list to stay connected. Flynn, Lin Wood, and Sydney Powell, and Patrick Byrne have announced alternatives to find them such as Lin Wood, Gen Flynn, Sidney Powell Sidney Powell, Rush Limbaugh Sidney Powell and email list Patrick Byrne Here are the links for Flynn, Powell, and Lin Wood on @GenFlynn @realsidneypowell @Llinwood You can download all Q drops offline at this link Both Gab and Clouthub have been slow because of the influx of new users. If big tech comes after email providers next, I recommend privacy focused For encrypted text messaging you can check out the app called Signal. My video reports happen at least every Friday at 6pm EST on Just to hedge my bets, I've also joined a few more platforms such as Telegram,, and social quodverum. You can find me through these links You never know when these site will be attacked. Look how fast the top 3 sites have already been rendered inoperable for our community. Please follow me on all platforms to ensure a line of communication. We are all waiting on the next announcement from the President and more intel from his circle but they have all been quiet. As soon as I hear something of importance I will send an email update to my list and post to my social media listed..but keep in mind the posts from Q at These posts warned of blackouts of the internet and of the power grid (but not to worry because patriots are in control) Take the necessary precautions now to secure food, water, cash, fuel, security tools. You may be getting a message from the emergency broadcast system via phone, tv, radio, etc. If you live outside of the USA, I will be sending these EBS messages to my email list and on the platforms I listed Expect these messages to happen within the next few days or weeks.

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