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Cleveland Convention Chaos Delegate Lap Dance

Cleveland convention chaos delegate lap-dance is inevitable and just around the corner. It does not take someone with pyschic abilities to forecast the fact that there will be riots, protests, unrest and more than likely bloodshed at the RNC in Cleveland. The police essentially are told to stand down and we may see the National Guard and all their high tech toys in full display. Here’s how I see this potentially playing out.

Cleveland Convention Chaos Delegate Lap Dance

Let’s see, there are 10,000 plus BLM (Black Lives Matter-hired thugs), the Black Panthers, Bikers for Trump, the men and women in blue,  armed militia and others, all gathered in Cleveland as Donald J. Trump seeks the historic nomination from the GOP, what could possibly go wrong? Answer is everything and nothing. Nothing unexpected from the perspective of the creators and merchants of chaos and everything can go wrong from the sane person’s perspective in terms of massive disruption, scores of injured, potential and probable loss of life. We are more than likely to see Martial Law in Cleveland following the chaos that is about to unfold. Now they will not call it Martial Law of-course as spelled out here in this blog post. I strongly encourage you to read this post titled “Martial Law Preparedness And Forecast” as well as the links within that post. If you are going to Cleveland for this Convention, here is a helpful link.

Delegate Lap-Dance

Providing the convention itself is not cancelled, celebrity and candidate Donald Trump will no doubt have an all-star line-up and an all-star show with “The Donald” himself being the main act. Many continue to speculate if Trump will get the nomination at the delegate lap-dance as delegates may find their way off the Trump dance floor and into the lap of some politician. Never liked nor trusted “Lyin’ Ted” and it is with great anticipation I await his speech and probable devious deceptive actions. Nothing ever is as it seems and this link and this link by Brenda Corpian and the publisher of the ground breaking news site Get Off The BS is evidence of just that.

Trump Will Not Be President

I authored a post a few days ago titled “Trump Will Not Be President” which gathered quite a few views, comments, likes and FB emotion icons. Follow me here on FB and join my FB group “Eye On The World“. The post actually addressed several key issues and I would have to say that each key issue was addressed in some form or another from people on FB and in the comments section here on my site. I would have to say that over 90% were intelligent analysis and comments as well as emotional and spiritual outcries of sorts while the other comments, perhaps less than 10%, were very unfavorable to say the least. It then prompted me to write this post titled “Comfortably Dumb And Comfortably Numb“.


Today I write this post from a beautiful quiet ancient city surrounded by mountains in Thailand as I prepare to watch what will be an historic convention as Donald J. Trump seeks the GOP nomination (which he so rightly has earned). This is a very pivotal week as the outcome of this convention (Trump nominated or Trump not nominated), in either case, will be an historic game changer. The chaos and martial law I described above is yet another part of events of sorts that will change the course of the rest of the GE process as you will see.

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