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Clinton Camp Chaos As Trump Trounces

According to DNC insiders the Clinton Camp Chaos As Trump Trounces is a growing concern. Now this of course will never become the narrative through widespread mainstream media as we well know from having read this post. Things are so bad in the Clinton camp the Gateway Pundit stated that according to social media patterns Trump will win by a landslide. This very brief and powerful social media analysis by Bill Still is a must view.

Clinton Camp Chaos As Trump Trounces

Real True News conducted an interview with a DNC insider and what was revealed in this interview indicates big trouble for Hillary come November. RTN: “What do you mean? What things changed?” DNC: “I could give you all the stats about social media penetration and stuff–but what really changed? Trump. Trump is what changed. None of the old strategies work on him.” RTN: “Called your opponents?” DNC: “Racists. We called our opponents racist. It worked–like, 93-98 times out of a hundred–people would back down. Run. Back then there was zero counter-narrative. McCain played it soft-ball. Romney was pretty clean but he wasn’t ready to get nasty and take the heat. All their surrogates? Allies? Only Sarah Palin had the woman-card. That was it. We crushed them. Their online-portion of the vote? It was smaller than today–but they were demoralized. Shut down.” Click here for more of this interview.

Social Media Stats

Trump tromps Clinton by every measure taken. It is my belief if this election takes place and if voter fraud / theft is prevented at least to a great extent, Trump will pulverize Clinton. Consider this. Click here to view each candidates position and experience on the critical issues facing this nation. The following stats as reported by Bill Still are as of August 4, 2016. For a full report watch this 2:38 second report here.

FB Likes: Trump 65.4% with 10,174, 358 Clinton 34.6% with 5,385,959

Twitter Followers: Trump 56.7% with 10.6 Million Clinton 43.3% with 8.1 Million

YouTube Live Stream:  Trump 30,000 live viewers per stream Clinton 500 live viewers per stream

Then of course there are reports of Clinton having to cancel rallies due to lack of attendance as most recent in Ohio. There are numerous images of Trump filling stadiums and arenas with record breaking crowds across the country while Hillary has been seen in small town hall settings and schools with just a few hundred in attendance. By one measure there was a recent rally where the over flow that was unable to gain admittance to the Trump rally were assembled outside and that outside crowd was 20 times larger than a recent rally of Hillary Clinton.


This text is excerpted from Real True News. “Insiders say the Hillary camp is panicked–possibly on the verge of collapse. Not only is Trump’s polling far better than the media narrative shows but the even more predictive Social Media scene has collapsed to “landslide” proportions in favor of Donald Trump. While Brietbart and The Gateway Pundit had covered the publicly available data, we used some of our benefactors extensive resources to try to get a look inside the Social Media response center of the Clinton Campaign. We’ll tell you: the shop they run is tight. Fear–terror, really–of Mrs. Clinton goes a long way to keeping people in line–but now that the cracks have started we were able to compromise a key person inside the sequestered Media Room run by David Brock’s “Internet Warrior Virgins” (his term, not ours). This is what we learned.”

Most Important Book Of 2016


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