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Clinton’s Will Justice Ever Be Served?

Clinton's Will Justice Ever Be Served?

A common concern that I see as I travel about speaking and chatting with the on line communities, is that the Clinton’s (and Obama’s), will never be held accountable for their actions. We have been conditioned and programmed to believe this. And after all, outside of Nixon and perhaps a few others here and there along the way, the elite in government have always seemed to escape justice for their crimes. This is about to change. It’s really very simple. Do you think President Trump has “loser” in his DNA? Do you think that the President is just playing around? Look, it’s either us or them. This is for all the marbles. We are at war. This is an intel war. We are fighting for the survival of the Republic. We either win and resurrect America or we lose and lose it all. We either have equal justice under the law for all or we are simply another corrupt third world banana republic. Trump and the patriots will win. They are all going down.

When Will Justice Be Served?

My best guess is after the 2020 election victory for President Trump and certainly before the end of his second term. My guess is sometime between 2020-2022.Timing. Yes timing. Timing is everything. Just when candidate Trump won the 2016 election and before his inauguration, the President elect was asked by the media “now that you are President will you lock her (Hillary )up? Trump blew it off and said he will go about the business of MAGA. Do you have any idea what would happen to this country if the President and team just went for the Clintons’ and Obama’s right out of the gate? Chaos, unrest and so on. Timing is everything. Fast forward two and half years and after the Mueller witch hunt was proven to be as such, Sean Hannity had the President on for an uninterrupted one hour phone discussion live on air. Hannity asked, will you go after Hillary now? The President indicated they will. Do you think it would have worked had Trump and team gone after the Clinton’s during the open investigation witch hunt? On a hunch, no. Timing is everything. The President and team are now in a position to go after them. And indeed they are, all of them. They have NOTHING on President Trump.

The illegal treasonous coup d etat has failed, failed miserably. All the other nonsense they have thrown at the President during the course of the past three years have all turned up nothing and back fired as well. Pay no attention to the subpoenas and impeachment discussions. They have NOTHING on this President. They are panicking and taking their last ditched efforts to remove Trump, not going to happen. They are diverting the attention away from the investigations and crimes of which they have all committed. They are clogging up the news cycle with more time wasting rubbish instead of going about the business of governing the districts they were voted into power to serve. Their days are numbered. All of them. And guess what? They know it.

You see, the President has all the goods on everyone. There are the NSA files, e-mails, phone calls etc. In fact, the President reported at the Orlando Rally in 2019, that the state dept. may have most if not all of the 33,000 bleached e-mails from Clinton. The IG Report has raised the awareness that James Comey violated FBI rules 25 times as outlined in this 79 page report. He is now officially known to be a liar and a leaker. They are all experiencing a slow and painful process via a thousand lashes. Comey, McCabe and others continue to damage themselves with books, and media interviews etc. Remember, FISA brings down the house and this, eventually, will include Obama. In my opinion, in the end, he will be tried for Treason. As to the Clinton’s? Pick your poison. Rigging elections, Haiti, Clinton Foundation’s pay to play, Benghazi, Uranium one, smashing phones and bleaching 33,000 e-mails on a private server, multiple trips to Epstein island, scores of dead people, and so on. Yes, the Clinton’s are going down.

Remember this. She stated in the e-mail to Donna Brazile during the 2016 campaign period, “You better do something about that SOB (Trump), or we are all going to hang from nooses”. Get the rope. Furthermore, Clinton said then “If you indict me I will take half of Washington with me”. Well, good. That is what will be happening soon. And McCabe uttered the same words in recent weeks. They will turn on each other, period. They will rat each other out. Eat each other alive. The cascading avalanche will collapse on them all. This includes those  complicit in the media and well as Soros and the like and others as well from around the globe. Remember, my friends and fellow patriots, it’s either us or them.

Now that the hunters have become the hunted, things are beginning to unfold as they should and according to plan. Bang- Zoom! The scores of sealed indictments are becoming unsealed, with Jeffrey Epstein perhaps being the most recent notable one. The IG report sets the stage. FISA brings down the house. For those who need further assistance in connecting the dots, have a look at the related links below. I hope this helps you.  Stay the course. Trust the plan and remember, freedom, it’s up to U.S.

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Clinton's Will Justice Ever Be Served?


Clinton's Will Justice Ever Be Served?

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