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Comey and the De-class According to Plan

Comey and the De-class According to Plan

When you look up in the dictionary the words “Bad Cop” you see a picture of James Comey. I believe that Comey will be indicted, prosecuted, charged and justice will be served. Do not be swayed by the former FBI Director’s smug comments or by the fact that AG Barr has not YET, indicted Comey. I believe it is coming in the next phase of the de-class and all according to plan.

The DOJ and the President have barely begun. Remember, please, we are at war to resurrect America and restore power back to the people. This is an intelligence battle of which we are winning. The pendulum has now shifted. They have gone from being the hunters to the hunted. Team Trump is creating the awareness with the release of the IG report, that James Comey is as corrupt as they come. His behavior indicates that he believes he is above the law. Comey continues to further bury himself. He and others, are falling for the trap. FISA brings down the house. Get ready.

The IG Report

In this 79 page IG report, you will find that Comey violated FBI policies 25 times. This shows in part, that this was not an oversight nor an error, nor a coincidence. What it does indeed show is a series of premeditated and calculated moves, (violation of FBI policy), of a political agenda to remove a duly elected and most popular President in what turned out to be a failed illegal and treasonous coup d’ etat attempt which has come to be known as the Mueller witch hunt. And what is the punishment for treason? Have a look and listen here from President Trump. When you get to the video of the President got to marker 42:19 for the biggest news story of the century that never really made the news. It’s an intel battle. Timing and optics. Remember that. We are now winning this battle.

And remember, there are three things that cannot long be hidden. The sun, the moon, and the truth. This is the age of Trump transparency. We are winning. Stay the course. Trust the plan and remember, freedom, it’s up to us.

Comey and the De-class According to Plan


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