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Comfortably Dumb And Comfortably Numb

The comfortably dumb and comfortably numb are soon in for a rude awakening. Why you may ask? Because the world has been changing slowly but surely with each and every breath you have taken over the past 30 years. Breathe by breath, step by step, heart beat by heart beat. Soon it will be so apparent that even the comfortably dumb and the comfortably numb (well not all of them), will see. So for those of us who actually do “get it” and whose tolerance for ignorance and stupidity has reached a boiling point, hang in there is my advice. We have an opportunity to bring many people aboard.

The Road To Discovery

At the age of five, I discovered that things were not quite as they seemed and began to question everything – even if just in my mind. Fast forward to my teens and early twenties, I realized I was different than most around me. Around 1998, I was given the video and transcripts of Bill Still’s “Money Masters” along with a “McAlvany Intelligence Advisor” report. It was then that I realized I was not crazy; it was the matrix I was living in designed and controlled by the psychopaths, that was insane. Since then I looked further into things and began to open and walk through door after door. The further I went, the uglier things looked and my curiosity intensified to know as much as I could and this persists to this day. For those newly embarking upon this pathway, I encourage you to view many of the blog posts on the site.

No Turning Back

Some years back, when I was living back home in the USA, I recall telling a friend that I wished I had not known all that I have come to learn about the world in which we live. I said my life would be so much easier not knowing and perhaps just stocking shelves, punching the time card and working the graveyard shift at the supermarket having a beer and watching sports may have been the way to go. I was reminded by my friend that there is no turning back. I recently had a similar conversation with someone who expressed the same feelings. I think there are many of us out there who have had similar thoughts. It is we in this new paradigm that must carry the torch. More on that in another blog post (listen to short podcast commentary below).

Comfortably Dumb And Comfortably Numb

The ruling elite are actually running scared because they know the world is waking up and is on to them, (think “Brexit” for example), thus the increased violence and chaos you see in America and around the globe. And Donald Trump has played a major role in helping to shift the pendulum by exposing the secret cabal that is wreaking havoc. Even if Trump is not elected, he has served us well. Never under estimate what one man can do.

We must continue to to educate, inform and direct attention to the facts for the dumb and for the ignorant. Why? Well they are dumb and ignorant that’s why.  They are dumb and ignorant because they are a product (unknowingly) of the matrix and system they have been raised in. What about the comfortably numb? Well they are in the same situation as the comfortably dumb but their condition is worse. They are also drugged not only from “street drugs” but from the chemtrails or geo-engineering, medications and GMO.’s along with the dangerous food supply controlled by corporations for profits. They are entrained like zombies in a trance and they are comprised of your friends, family, neighbors, university students, business professionals and so on. What is entrainment? What is “being entrained“? Check it out. Until next time…

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