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Common Sense Way To Beat ISIS

The following was written by Dr. Richard Davis, MD, Lt Cmdr. USN Ret. and is titled Common Sense Way To Beat ISIS, The American Civilian Security Corps. Arguably, one of the biggest threats to Americans on our shores today is the wholesale importation of radical jihadi terrorists -hell bent on our extermination. If it were not for the fact that it is our own government that is sponsoring this treasonous inflow of criminals, the simple solution would be for the government to fund and aggressively support the wholesale arming of the American People.

Common Sense Way To Beat ISIS

For about $50B, we could recruit, train and arm 100M upstanding adult citizens, who would volunteer to undergo extensive background checks in order to not only be certified for concealed carry, but to form what could be described as an informal “militia of the many” as contemplated by the US Constitution in the Second Amendment.

The members of this American Civilian Security Corps (“ACSC”) would be civilian volunteers sworn in as members of local Sheriff’s posses, and would be authorized with the powers of arrest and detention and would receive training in these areas as well as in the use of deadly force. They would carry ID badges and would act like a reserve peace-keeping force on voluntary call by their Sheriff for assistance in activities during times of emergency or local civil unrest. They would be in communication with each other using a system similar to the Cop Block App currently used on Smartphones:

In concert with the formation of the ACSC, all prohibitions against guns would be lifted immediately, and all “gun free zones” would have Citizen’s Security Marshalls on site at all times. Every public place, every government office, every theatre, every stadium, very shopping mall, every arena, everywhere that people congregate would be protected by a vast unseen cadre of skilled and trained gun owners who would take an oath to protect and defend the nation and her people against all enemies foreign and domestic.

This simple fix could be rolled out within 3 years and would provide a level of security unmatched and unattainable by any governmental law enforcement agency. The program would be paid for by designating the costs of such training, licensure and sidearm and basic ammunition as a pass-through tax deduction. Recertification would be required every two years on a gun range. Special discounts on standardized 40mm pistols like the Glock, Smith and Wesson and others could be arranged with the manufacturers to build supplies. Sales and training would be provided through authorized private gun stores. The program would produce an entirely new industry with one hundred thousand new permanent good-paying jobs created, with special tax incentives for shops and ranges to hire our honorably discharged veterans.

It’s a simple fix that will work. It would not eliminate the carnage, but it would reduce the body count and quickly reduce the numbers of active terrorists as they are eliminated quickly. It would also reduce the workload for our police and sheriff’s deputies thus reducing the costs of Homeland Security. It would be a win / win / win for the people, local law enforcement and the Federal Government all at one time.

In Liberty, Richard Davis, MD, Lt Cmdr. USN Ret.

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