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Connecting The Dots Trump Violence New Mexico

Yawn, yawn, yawn. Don’t you get it yet? Trump does not incite violence. Edged on by the media, the ignorant violent people incite violence and let us not forget the paid for organized riots by the Soros funded organizations that bring to surface many of these individuals to the streets. Oh yeah and by the way, on a hunch there are probably a few illegal aliens in the crowd – you think? Now of course our thoughts and prayers go out to the injured and to the victims of these riots and attacks. And so connecting the dots Trump violence New Mexico will be the focus in this brief blog post. Please do listen to the podcast at the end of this page.

Connecting The Dots Trump Violence New Mexico

I put this post out at the last minute as it dovetails perfectly with the post I just wrote a few hours ago after Trump breached the 1,200 delegate mark and after his most positive and successful rally in New Mexico.You see this post speaks to the very point Donald Trump made in his speech in New Mexico. That being that the system is rigged and “I’m gonna break up the rigged system”. So are these riots part of the rigging?

Well it is a known fact that Soros has funded groups which recruit protestors many with standardized produced signage etc. Another example are the few veterans in front of Trump Tower the other day sent there by Clinton. The best thing to do is to get the “sheeple” to understand the Hegelian Dialectic, Problem-Reaction-Solution, and False Flags. So the media steals the true headline for America and the world which should have been “Trump breaches 1,200 delegates by taking Washington by yet another landslide” and the sub-title of the day being “Trump amasses another record crowd of peaceful supporters spreading his message to make America great again”. But of course not. After all it is the viscous controlled government media complex of which once President, Donald Trump will take on the media and perhaps restore what JFK talked about all those years ago. Wake up America! A nation led by lies dies.

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