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Consequences Of A No Trump Presidency

So what are the consequences of a no Trump Presidency? We first must understand that Hillary Clinton is indeed a NWO globalist puppet and will continue taking this once great country down the path which will lead us to being a disarmed nation in poverty, death and destruction with the boots of a tyrannical police state on the jugular of all of its people.

A Trump Presidency

Can Trump really “fix” everything and quick? The answer in my opinion is a flat out no, of course not. But with Trump, there is hope. Trump can reverse any and all standing Executive Orders placed by his predecessors without the approval of congress. Trump will put America’s interests first which any wise nation would do and actually has an obligation to do. According to his policy and agenda outline, he will begin the long, hard and arduous process of trying to restore our constitutional republic with sound economic and tax plans, better healthcare, sound trade practices, returning America to its once great manufacturing capabilities as well as protecting our borders, language and culture. He will raise the morale and spirit of Americans thus of America. But the attacks and challenges will never end even in a Trump Presidency. The difference is he will have some degree of power and control as President than he does now as a private citizen. Although there will be many nations opposing his policies, many will come aboard for multiple reasons. I also believe many nations will welcome Trumps view of America and the world as Donald Trump is not the only leader in this world who opposes the NWO and its global governance design. The journey of reversing decades of decline for America back to a safe and prosperous nation is not guaranteed and will not happen without great challenge, suffering and sacrifice. And it will take many years to accomplish what Trump has set forth to accomplish. But again, no Trump-no hope.

Consequences Of A No Trump Presidency

A rapid decline into third world country status. An unarmed America engulfed by the NWO globalists agenda. No longer a sovereign nation. Globalism goes hand in hand with Global Governance which aims to control every single aspect of your life and have each and every one of us more and more dependent upon the government for our very survival. A no Trump presidency would be the death of a nation. Another one for the dust bin of history.

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