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Constitution Says Punishment for Treason Is Death


I’ve been talking about the punishment for treason being death, in my public speaking engagements for two years just waiting for the pendulum shifting moment for the media to address this issue. This happened today.

During the Q&A session, there were many random questions surrounding the events of the day including the recent and on-going battles between Pelosi and Trump dominating the briefing. You know the talking points and the sound bites about Trump’s alleged and falsely accused “temper”, and the “cover up” bomb and so forth and so on by crazy delusional Pelosi. But the most critical, most revealing and telling dialogue took place when President Trump was asked, (marker 42:19), “Sir the Constitution says treason is punishable by death and you accused your adversaries of treason. Who specifically are you accusing of treason”? The President responded by saying, I think a number of people. Trump then invoked Comey, Mccabe, Strzok, Page and people higher than that. Trump continued and mentioned crooked Hillary, describing the hoax and insurance policy as acts of treason. BANG ZOOM! Get ready folks. Things are about to get real. Very, very real. God bless and protect our miracle and amazing President Donald Trump!

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