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Coronavirus View From The Top

Coronavirus View From The Top

The way I see it, sort of a view from the top, you know the macro 30,000 foot view, is simply summed up like this, the battle between good and evil rages on. We are going from dark to light. It can be disturbing, disruptive, unsettling, and so on. The solid ground that we stand on is becoming unsteady. All one has to do is accelerate one’s quest for truth and the unstable ground actually becomes the most stable ground one has ever walked upon. The old paradigm is crumbling before us. Let it go. Get on board. Follow us at “News Behind The News

Kicking Up a Storm

Is the world coming to an end? No, of course not. But the Globalists plan for a tyrannical one world government is. And so we have the Coronavirus now to deal with. There is so much conflicting information surrounding the Coronavirus, what it actually is, how life threatening is it, and how is it transmitted. Other questions surrounding the Coronovirus are based upon its origins, the cause, and or perhaps the release of it. One thing that is certain. The Deep State scum are evil. And with the Coronavirus, the media is cooking up a fearful frenzy. The left naturally is blaming all this on Trump. This is now an apolitical crisis, affecting us all regardless of who, what, when, where and how and it is wreaking havoc on the markets. Never let a crisis go to waste. The deep state and the media are really beating the fear drums. Are Olympic cancellations, conventions, professional sports and or other large public gatherings going to be suspended? Any idea what this will do to the economy?

I have stated all along that we are now in false flag season as the de-class, the exposure, the shakedown and soon to be take down, is underway and to expect these events to not only increase in frequency, but also in magnitude. Why? Because the deep state is panicking. Time is running out. Indictments are coming. Mark my words. The Coronavirus, never let a crisis go to waste. And remember, the deep state must do whatever they can to see that Donald Trump does not get re-elected. They will fail. Nothing will stop us.

Those that have read my books and have been following my work at here on this website, are well aware of my talking points on manufactured crisis, false flags, the Hegelian Dialectic and so on. Now again, have entered “false flag season” here in 2020 and we must expect an increase, not only in frequency of events, but also in magnitude. Well the corona virus to date, tops the list. Remember this: Problem – Reaction – Solution.  This is all about people control. Currency control. Population control. Forced vaccinations. Derailment of Trump’s electability. In the end, all will fail. Come the Fall of 2020, people will be saying “the corona what?”. This will come to pass like all the other events. Border invasion, Stormy /Avenatti, Kavanaugh, the Muller witch hunt, the embassy attacks in the Middle East, the fake, phony and false impeachment, and now the Coronavirus. But be prepared as this one fades for another one to hit. It is false flag season. Trumps’ landslide victory is eight months away and the declass and indictments are coming.

So again…attempts to de-rail the markets and Trump’s economy. Usher in a sort of digital or crypto currency after all, the virus is spreading now on paper currencies throughout the world. You see, the central bankers know quite well that there is a battle for currency supremacy and that President Trump will seize control over this fraudulent debt based monetary system after Trump’s landslide election victory in 2020. The deep state simply are fighting for their survival as the de-class is closing in on them. Remember, as I have stated for years now, this is America’s second revolution, which is the subtitle of my book. Remember its’ either us, or them. Yes, the virus, manufactured in the labs of Wuhan, is real. Yes, we need to practice common sense. But to put this into perspective, tens of millions get the flu every year. Tens of thousand die. Wash your hands. Build your immune system and simply carry on patriots, carry on.

The President knows exactly what is really going on and he knows exactly what he is doing. Follow his calm, his poise and be thankful for his incredible leadership. Oh and yeah, wash your hands often. Build your immune system. Stay off Asian airlines and hot spots around the US and globe for a while. And remember they are trying to put us in a state of fear. Don’t go there. The opposite of love is not hate, it is fear. Choose love. As you obtain more and more truths, then take the correct steps in implementing change, then the fear subsides. Surround yourself with like-minded people who understand, the times in which we live, then expand those circles of influence. Don’t get prepared, be prepared. And in my opinion, no Trump – No Hope. Vote Trump 2020 or its lights out for America, its lights out for freedom, freedom not only in America, but all across the world. As the battle between good and evil rages on, and as dark as it may seem, know this, we are simply moving from dark to light. We are winning. And we are on God’s side. We have won many battles thus far. And we shall win this battle too. Follow Q.

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Great Awakening

You are a great, powerful, magnificent and infinite spiritual being with innate intuitive abilities. Listen to your inner voice. Although we are living in turbulent times there is a shift beginning to take place which will create further turmoil but this must occur as part of the progression towards better days. It’s an amazing time to be alive. There are no accidents. No coincidences. There is a great awakening taking place within the human spirit. There is a global spiritual awakening occurring on planet earth at this time. Silently and spiritually people are beginning to wake up and see the truth. As we surrender to this call from within, we begin to see that all is not quite right. This can be disturbing to say the least. There will be moments of loneliness, possibly despair, with a feeling that we don’t know where to belong, as the enemy, once unbeknownst, tries to pull you back into its dead and dying paradigms. Don’t go there. Follow your instincts. Surround yourself with like-minded people who truly understand the times in which we live, then expand those circles of influence. We are never alone. Remember, WWG1WGA.

We are being called. Surrender the discord into the eternal flame. We are winning this battle between good and evil. And if you create a sense of peace and follow the call, you will begin to see the truth in a deeper way; as we recall perfection of self, of others, and of the universe itself. This truth is the only freedom there really is and its power is beyond anything we can fathom at this moment in time. It is power. It is your power. It is our power. It can move mountains. It can heal you. It can change and heal the world. God bless you. God bless and protect President Trump and God bless us all.

John Michael Chambers Coronavirus View From The Top

Clarion Call

This battle will rage on for the rest of our lives. Pray for our President and his family. No Trump-no hope. What we do right here, right now is for posterity. So when your children and grandchildren ask you “What were you doing when the global governance was being thrust down the throat of America and the world, what will your answer be? Freedom, it’s up to U.S.

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