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COVID 19 Risks – Reputable Resources

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

The following is an exclusive special report which will premiere on “Making Sense of the Madness” daily broadcast. The content for this eye-opening report was researched and submitted by Larry Trainor.

In order for individuals to determine the risks of Covid-19 for themselves, they need information. It has been stated by leaders and experts that we should follow the science. In science data is analyzed to gain greater understanding of a situation. Yet when we are getting our daily fill of news on Covid-19, the news is focused on one or two pieces of information, apparently to alarm the whole population.

Without providing detailed full information regarding age, underlying conditions and location for cases, hospitalizations and deaths, the reporting agencies are doing a disservice to the American public. The Special Report is titled – “Covid-19 Risks – Reputable Sources”.

COVID-19 Risks – Reputable Resources

In order for individuals to determine the risks of Covid-19 for themselves, they need information. It has been stated by leaders and experts that we should follow the science. In science data is analyzed to gain greater understanding of a situation. Yet when we are getting our daily fill of news on Covid-19, the news is focused on one or two pieces of information, apparently to alarm the whole population.

Without providing detailed full information regarding age, underlying conditions and location for cases, hospitalizations and deaths, the reporting agencies are doing a disservice to the American public.

Should People under 65 Years Old Fear Covid-19?

This lack of information led me to have certain questions. Perhaps other people may have had these questions, so I thought I should make this available.

Following are some of the statistics I found very interesting. Anyone can find the information. The sources of my information are the CDC, and other known sources.

Locational Statistics

Per the CDC, as posted on 7/8/2020, for the period from 2/1/2020 to 7/4/2020, the six states of New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Illinois had 67,997 listed as Covid-19 deaths out of the 114,741 total Covid-19 deaths for the United States. That means the other 44 states have a total of 46,744 of the country’s deaths.

The population of those 6 states above is about 21.4% of the U.S. population, yet they had 59.3% of the deaths for the U.S. While the population of the other 44 states is estimated at 78.6% of the country’s population, they had 40.7% of the U.S. deaths. There are additional differences for locations within each state. The county a person lives in should be able to provide that data.

These are large variations. So, when they give only the total number of cases and deaths, they are painting a uniform picture for the country when people need to consider the actual location they live in as part of the factors in assessing their risk.

Age Statistics

Per the data posted by the CDC on 7/1/2020, the total number of people below the age of 65 whose deaths were listed as Covid-19 from Feb 1, 2020 to June 27, 2020 was 21,866 people out of 112,226 total Covid-19 deaths for the entire United States. So, only 19.4% of the deaths listed as Covid-19 are for people under the age of 65. That is good news for people in that Age group.

For people below the age of 55 during that time period, the number of deaths listed as Covid-19 is 8,401 in the United States. If we then consider location, it is interesting to see how many people died of this age group in the 44 states other than the ones mentioned above. Applying the 41.6% of the deaths that occurred in these 44 states, then for people younger than 55, there are a total of 3,495 deaths in all of those 44 states. That is 3,495 deaths under 55 years old out of a population of approximately 259,500,000 people living in those states. That is a lot lower than other diseases.

As of 8/29/20, 35,727 out of 170,566 deaths listed on CDC website Covid-19 deaths were under 65 years old. This is 20.9% which is comparable to the 19.4% at the start of July. So, age as a factor is still a key factor and remains good news for people in this age group, which is the bulk of working people in the United States.

Underlying Conditions

This indicates that underlying conditions may be more a factor than age. That is good news for any age group, but also encouraging news for those over 65 who are in good health. Read More

That means in 5 months since 2/1/2020, there have been 2.187 Covid-19 listed deaths for the whole country that were under 65 and did not have an underlying condition. And for people living in the 44 states mentioned above, we can estimate that 909 Covid-19 listed deaths under 65 that did not have an underlying condition out a population of 259 million people in those 44 states.

People Not At Nursing Homes

There is additional good news for people over 65 in the six hardest hit states noted above who are not staying in nursing homes. In New Jersey, almost 50% of the Covid-19 deaths occurred in nursing homes. In Pennsylvania as of 7/10/20, 4,669 of the 6,880 (68%) Covid-19 deaths have occurred in nursing homes. So, the risk for people over 65 years old who are not staying in nursing homes is greatly reduced. Visit AARP  and for more information.

It is good policy to protect people in nursing homes. People with underlying conditions should consider staying at home, depending on their condition and their doctor’s advice. Those people also living with people who have underlying conditions should also take additional precautions. The relatively healthy people of our country should be able to get back to the business of living, while practicing good hygiene.

A recent CDC report showed that 94% of all Covid-19 deaths listed by the CDC had an average of 2.6 additional co-morbidities. That means that only 6% or 10,233 of the deaths listed as Covid-19 had no underlying conditions.

This has been misinterpreted that only 6% of the deaths were caused by Covid-19. This misinterpretation led the media to criticize that people pointing this out.

“According to a CDC report, nearly 90% of adult patients hospitalized with COVID-19 in the US had one or more underlying diseases.” could have died from Covid-19 that had other conditions. However, the media is also misleading people by not looking at the information close enough.

There are people who had heart attacks (32,090 cardiac arrest and heart failure plus 29,528 ischemic heart disease and cardiac arrhythmia), accidents (5,424 Injury, poisoning and other events) or other terminal conditions that also had Covid-19. (71,700 Influenza and pneumonia.) Many of those should not be included as Covid-19 deaths. We do not know what that number is without further investigation, but it would not be surprising if the actual number of people that died from Covid-19 is much lower than total number reported. (numbers added are as of Sept 2 for a total of 169,044 total deaths)

Another factor should be taken into account with this information on comorbidities. The CDC changed its rules on counting deaths for Covid-19 and is different to other countries. In April, Dr. Birx said, “If someone dies with Covid-19, we are counting that as a Covid-19 death.” This cannot be understated and is a contributing factor for the larger death count total that means the death counts from previous pandemics cannot be compared to the Covid-19 death counts. Underlying conditions remains the key factor for Covid-19 risk. So, it is still good news for people of all ages without underlying conditions. Under Obama, 60.8 million cases of H1N1. No shutdown. Lower death total, but how many people with comorbidities died with H1N1 but were not counted as H1N1 deaths?

Covid-19 – Reputable Resources:

Decline In Deaths

As reported by the CDC on 7/8/20, the number of people dying per week in the country has gone from 16,886 for the week of 4/18/20 to 8,917 for the week of 5/16/20 to 2,532 for the week of 6/20/20. Despite some changes in the trend, most people should find this great news and that we are going in the right direction (interesting graph showing decline).

Originally, we were told we needed to lockdown in order to bend the curve of deaths. The press is now more concerned about the number of cases because deaths are down, but cases are not deaths. People get sick all the time and we do not shut down the states. Here is a couple examples of states. From 2/1/20 to 7/4/2020, South Dakota had 86 Covid-19 listed deaths and did not lockdown their state. Maine which has a little larger population had 109 Covid-19 listed deaths. When you compare the experience of South Dakota, was it necessary for Maine to have that strict of a lockdown?

Based on the above data on age and underlying conditions, you could estimate that of the 109 deaths in Maine, there would be an estimated 4 Covid-19 listed deaths for people under 65 with no underlying conditions. On a cost/benefit analysis of the lockdown, the Maine lockdown came at a high cost to the vast majority of people and businesses in that state. Cost/benefit analyses are done all the time to determine policy. There should be real concerns by citizens of states still imposing lockdowns. By all means, people can practice hand washing and have people stay home who are sick. And, as mentioned, keep the vulnerable safe.

Covid-19 – Reputable Resources:

Other Countries

Japan has a population of 126 million and several densely populated cities. Tokyo has a population of about 13.3 million and has had 325 Covid-19 deaths. New York city has 8.4 million people and 20,328 deaths. NYC City has over 95 times the deaths per capita compared to Tokyo. Yet Japan has done this without lockdowns. This is shocking information and yet it is rarely mentioned in the news reports.

Sweden as of 7/10/20, has Covid-19 5500 deaths. Sweden has a population of 10.1 million which is higher than New Jersey’s 8.9 million. The number of listed Covid-19 deaths in New Jersey as of 7/4/20 is 13,484. New Jersey locked down its state. But Sweden has done 2.8 times better per capita than New Jersey. Sweden has been criticized for not fully locking down. It is not always mentioned, but Sweden did have some early restrictions that helped them keep businesses open.

However, Sweden did not do enough to protect the nursing homes, so they could have improved that and saved lives. In Sweden as of 7/8/20 for people under 70 years old, there were a total of 604 deaths. That means only 11% of the Covid-19 deaths in Sweden were under 70 years old. So, they were not successful in the nursing homes, but they were successful for the working age people in Sweden.

As of 9/5/20, there were 5,835 Covid-19 listed deaths. Since July 10, there have only been 335 deaths for the country. And per the age groups, at that time, only 11% of the deaths were under 70 years old. It seems odd that their approach is not mentioned more by U.S. medical authorities.

Covid-19 – Reputable Resources:

New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Illinois have 1% of the world’s population, but 15% of the world’s Covid-19 deaths. Something does not make sense. Are we being given bad information? Are the strategies in those states that incompetent? Should this be investigated?

Current Increases Information

Earlier in the pandemic, the news outlets were pushing the number of deaths and lowering that curve to reopen states, but now that that is on a decline, they are pushing cases. Of course, if you re-open a state where people are active again and at the same time you increase testing, there will be an increase in the number of cases diagnosed. The media has failed to provide any information that there is any change in the fact that most Covid-19 listed deaths occur for elderly people with poor health.

Let’s look at some actual numbers posted as of July 10 for Florida (other states can be found on this site by changing the state in the drop-down box). Florida’s cases per day have gone from 1214 cases on April 8 to 757 on May 31 to 9,255 on July 4. That is a spike, but there needs to be more information to assess the situation. Florida Covid-19 listed deaths went from 51 deaths on April 8 to 31 deaths on May 31 to 48 deaths on July 8. So, while the cases have increased, deaths have remained relatively low compared to the experience of the hardest hit states.

It seems better to be open now during the healthier, sunny summer months when people will fight the virus better. Florida reported recently that the average age of people testing positive has gone from 56 years old earlier in the pandemic to 36 years old recently. Many of these positive tests are asymptomatic or mild cases.

Working Age People

Working age people are mostly under 65 years old. On a cost/benefit calculation, considering the information above, it seems we are destroying small businesses and people’s jobs with the current lockdowns.

So, knowing this information one can go to the website links above and see where they fit in, as far as their age and location, to determine their risk. Of course, one can still take the precautions that are advised or required. And they also should take into account whether they have an underlying condition or if someone they live with is in an at-risk group.

Exaggerated Mortality Risk Misunderstood By The General Public

A survey in five different countries by the Kekst organization found that people believe the number of cases and risk of death are many times the actual numbers. For example, 20% of people surveyed in the U.S. believe the number of cases is 20 times more than actual the numbers.

Franklin Templeton surveyed more than 10,000 U.S. adults aged 18 and older in July and found large misconceptions for risk regarding Covid-19 for various age groups. For example, researchers also found that Americans believed people aged 44 and younger made up about 30 percent of total coronavirus deaths, when the actual figure was less than 3 percent.

The pressure by media to continue the lockdowns could have some influence on this. The major sources of information that people use have given many people exaggerated ideas about the risk of the pandemic.

Covid-19 – Reputable Resources:

Remaining questions

There are questions I still have that the experts do not have answers or have not attempted to answer on this pandemic. In fact, I still have a lot of questions. Following is one question that should be addressed immediately for the sake of our culture.

False positives in testing

The degree of accuracy for the tests many be far lower than originally thought. 10 NY Jets NFL team that tested positive for Covid-19 were all false positives. Ohio governor tests positive then a short while later tests negative for Trump visit. The influence of healthy lifestyles regarding risk is ignored. Government health agencies and the mainstream media are not promoting of sunshine, healthy lifestyles or immune boosting, nutritional solutions that are practiced in other countries with better outcomes or already being done by healthy people in the United States.

In Closing

How many people have died from Covid-19 by going to restaurants, hair salons, fitness centers, the beaches or houses of worship? I hope someday, we get the answers to the questions I have rather than the fear mongering that the media seems obsessed with. I plan to continue to look into these questions.

So, should people under 65 fear Covid-19? I hope the above information can help assess your risk and if you really need to fear Covid-19. Remember to take into account the location you live, your age and if you have an underlying condition. You can visit the sites above to continue to understand your situation. I wish all of you well and that we can get back to living full and free lives, Lawrence Trainor


The Deep State and Shadow Government will stop at nothing. We are at a crossroads for humanity. It’s either us-or them. This one is for all the marbles and this story is not yet over. We have an awesome responsibility to expose the lies and crimes and to reveal the truth. Freedom? It’s up to us. This is John Michael Chambers. Thank you for viewing this special report be sure to share it far and wide. And remember, stay the course, trust the plan and heed the call for WWG1WGA. God Bless.

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