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CPAC Critical Debate Analysis

CPAC And Critical Debate Analysis

CPAC Critical Debate Analysis

Analysis of the 11th Republican debate. Let’s see little people, big hands-big manhood, particles from nose to mouth, and long eyelashes. I think that about covers it.

CPAC and The Donald. Good move on Trump’s behalf by skipping CPAC to go seek voters in Kansas. Some agree. The media will have a field day with this. Seems Trump’s odd moves turns out in Trump’s favor. Let’s see how this one plays out. More to come.

I personally believe the campaign for party nomination runs far too long. There are far too many debates as this is in the medias financial interest due to the “Trump factor” and the increase in advertising revenues. Many (not all) of the debates are also not focused enough on the list of critically important issues that the American people would actually like to hear about from each candidate. I believe a focused rally campaign across the America, coupled with perhaps just a few debates would be enough. There is also plenty of saturation via social media and television news interviews etc. With this all combined, you could probably start the process 3-4 months prior to the conventions for nominations and that would be enough. Running a year + campaign to me is not necessary at all. I believe we will see Trump bowing out more in the future so that he can have the greatest impact on the success of his campaign rather than attend debates that are often times shallow in content and focused on baiting the candidates to attack one another as well as an orchestrated attempt to belittle and destroy Donald Trump.

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