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Debate? Trump Not Running Against Cruz

Another Debate?

Another debate? Should Donald Trump have a debate with Ted Cruz? Cruz certainly would like the debate. Many are calling for a Trump Cruz debate to take place and I say why? Donald Trump is not running against Ted Cruz. Let me explain.

Trump Is Not Running Against Cruz

Donald Trump is not running against Ted Cruz. He is running against the ruling elites tightly controlled system (and this clearly includes the enemies within the GOP) that has taken America and the world into a very dangerous time and place. As far as I am concerned Trump has already defeated Cruz. And according to the delegate and vote count as well as tens of thousands routinely attending Trump rallies across America and according to the polls taken for probable outcomes in the remaining states, Donald Trump has the clear path to the convention, Cruz will lose end of story. Oh yeah and somebody please tell me what Kasich is doing there? He must have a problem with mathematics.

Media Sabotage

I personally believe the campaign for party nomination runs far too long. There are too many debates as this is in the medias financial interest due to the “Trump factor” and the increase in advertising revenues. Many (not all) of the debates are also not focused enough on the list of critically important issues that the American people would actually like to hear about from each candidate. A focused rally campaign across America, coupled with perhaps just a few debates would be enough.  Running a year + campaign to me is not necessary at all. The debates are often times shallow in content and focused on baiting the candidates to attack one another as well as an orchestrated attempt to belittle and destroy Donald Trump. I say no more debates. Just do the rallies, events, social media and television.

Cruz will lose and everyone at this stage of the game knows this. The Republican establishment and the media are frantic and they all want to take Trump down. But Trump has support. And if allowed to win fair and square by the election process rules, Trump in my view gets the nomination and will in fact beat Hillary Clinton. Again, if voter fraud, rigging election computers, or all kinds of sinister force efforts to prevent a Trump victory are prevented from occurring, I think we will see a President Donald J. Trump very soon. But, the Donald is in danger.

Forget politics and parties. We will rebuild or we will perish. The choice is yours. This election cycle is a vote for posterity. Our strength is in our unity. Choose wisely America. Freedom, it’s up to us!

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