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Desperate Acts of the Deep State – Vote Red

Desperate Acts of the Deep State – Vote Red

Commentary and analysis by author, activist, John Michael Chambers

Sending fake bombs and then reporting fake news. Acts of the evil and insane. “No matter how paranoid or conspiracy-minded you are, what the government is doing is worse than you imagine.” – William Blum (former U.S. State Dept. employee)

There is a system in place, a clandestine, sophisticated network that controls the world we live in. It creates the narrative that permeates throughout the world and becomes the false reality we have all come to know as our way of life. Our civilization is entering the beginning stages of a major collision, and a much-needed course correction is in order. President Trump and we the people must meet this challenge. Failure is not an option. And so we see Desperate Acts of the Deep State – Vote Red and get others to do so.

Psychopaths and Sociopaths

The world is run by insane people with insane objectives. These individuals are living in a chronic state of fear and believe that everyone is a threat to them and to their very survival. They are crazy. They seek to dominate. They seek absolute control over every aspect of our lives. They seek to suppress and to destroy. They are warmongers and dictators. Many of the men are dressed in expensive business suits and the women in expensive pant suits. Unlike most of the human race, they carry out their acts with absolutely no conscience whatsoever as they are deranged and detached from the light of God to such an extent that evil permeates through them. You should know by now who these individuals are, and if you don’t you will be able to identify them soon, once you come to learn about False Flag Operations, Problem-Reaction-Solution, and the Hegelian Dialectic.

These psychopaths and sociopaths are hard to detect, as they are intelligent, clever, artful, and often rise to positions of power. Many of these individuals are sexual deviants, pedophiles, and belong to demonic groups as recently released by WikiLeaks. They are very manipulative and have seized power and control over every aspect of our lives, our speech, and even our thoughts. They have infiltrated and corrupted our education system, health-care system, religious in-stitutions, the media, and most all forms of entertainment. They have seized control over and poisoned our food supply and all natural resources. Yes, it is this shadow government and deep state that controls the world in which live, making Earth and its inhabitants prisoners on a prison planet.

Actions of the Evil and Insane

They send fake bombs and then report fake news. They poison our food, air, land, and water. They who force dangerously laced vaccinations on us and rain toxic heavy metals down on us from the sky (geo-engineering / chemtrails). It is they who build nuclear power plants on top of earthquake faults and in tsunami zones. They (as recently released by WikiLeaks) are satanic pedophiles. They start and fund all wars. They murder, rape, and pillage with no conscience and without consequence. They violate laws, racking up scores of felonies by keeping vital secrets of a nation on a private server in the bathroom with no firewall or security of any kind, yet escape justice. We must know who our enemy is and label them. We must not permit our enemy to define for us who our enemy is, as this is a diversion. This is divide and conquer.

The Big Club

They formed, own, and control the “big club” and like the comedian George Carlin  said, “You and me, we ain’t in it.” We are nothing more than pawns on the chessboard of life being used as they so choose. They think of us and describe us as useless eaters. So who is part of the big club? The big club can be described as an intricate, interconnected web of organizations, corporations, religions, and governments mostly made up of unelected leaders, many of whom are inbred.

Global Governance and the NWO

Global governance is about power and control over everything, including life itself. These tyrannical psychopaths are in fact the shadow government, weaving their web of chaos and destruction. They use the front groups, treaties, institutions, and governments they established as well as the puppets they put in place to man these. Puppets like the Bushes, Obama, Merkel, Clinton, Blake, Trudeau, to name but a few. It is not Israel; it is not the U.S., Russia, or China. It is not any identifiable government. It is this shadow government and its henchman and accomplices who are the enemies of freedom. These are our true enemies. Know your enemy well.

Due to the rising awareness of the New World Order and its objectives to control every aspect of our lives, they have gradually over the years changed the name and are now better known as globalism or global governance. Sure sounds nice but make no mistake about it, the New World Order is in full force, and so, meet the new boss—same as the old boss.

Remember this announcement from “Papa Bush”? This is a very short video clip of then President George Herbert Walker Bush telling the American people about the stated goal and implementation of the New World Order.

Watch the clip. Share it on social media with those who call you a conspiracy theorist. Well, that vision of a NWO is here and almost completely implemented, up until now. There is a chance that we can begin to reverse this dwindling spiral but not without a battle, a deadly serious battle at that.

Global governance is aimed at controlling every aspect of our lives, whether it’s financial through the World Bank, the Federal Reserve, the Central Bank, International Monetary Fund, or the large inter-governmental institutions like the United Nations, World Health Organization, and World Trade Organization, which are pushing Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 to end property rights for everyone and push us into nation less states. They are pushing the growth of NATO (Thank you Presidnet Trump for taking this on) and a supranational military organization. The government is out of control, and that’s all a part of global governance.

National sovereignty is falling apart but with our brave and brilliant Nationalist President Donald Trump things are changing. Thus fake bombs, fake news and the midterm mayhem. Throughout the world, national sovereignty structures are crumbling under a global governance push and this is why they threw everything they had at Donald Trump in an attempt to prevent his election and they are doing so today to affect the mid-term election. They will fail. Why? God is on our side, that’s why. We operate from within the light with love and compassion. We are dealing with good, not evil and truth, not lies. We are on the right side of history. Vote red and get others to do so.

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