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Donald Trump – America First

On April 27, 2016 at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, D.C. to a gathering of The National Interest Magazine, and its parent institution, The Center for the National Interest, a speech by  Donald Trump – America First, was delivered and in my opinion this is one of the finest if not the finest foreign policy speeches perhaps in history. Note: Check out the podcast at the end of this blog post for a brief important commentary.

Donald Trump – America First

In this speech Trump stated that U.S. foreign policy under President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was a complete disaster. He went on to include that we have been off track for many, many years and how America is now in danger. Trump said “Our foreign policy is a complete and total disaster. No vision. No purpose. No direction. No strategy”. He went on to say, “Today I want to identify five main weaknesses in our foreign policy”. (The following are only segments of these five points. The speech can be viewed here in full).

  1. First, our resources are totally over extended

  2. Secondly, our allies are not paying their fair share

  3. Thirdly, our friends are beginning to think they can’t depend on us

  4. Fourth, our rivals no longer respect us

  5. Finally, America no longer has a clear understanding of our foreign policy goals

(Editor Note: All by design I might add)

 America First Foreign Policy

  1. America is going to be strong again

  2. We’re getting out of the nation-building business and instead focusing on creating stability in the world

  3. I will not hesitate to deploy military force when there is no alternative. But if America fights, it must only fight to win

  4. The countries we are defending must pay for the cost of this defense, and if not, the U.S. must be prepared to let these countries defend themselves

  5. Our goal is peace and prosperity, not war and destruction

  6. In the Middle East our goals must be, and I mean must be, to defeat [Islamic] terrorists and promote regional stability, not radical change

  7. Iran cannot be allowed to have a nuclear weapon, cannot be allowed. Remember that, cannot be allowed to have a nuclear weapon

  8. Finally, we must develop a foreign policy based on American interests

An Important Question

I can’t be any clearer than this. We have a choice-a safe, prosperous unified sovereign nation with a Constitutional Republic for posterity, or a police state Oligarchy following the orders of the new world order towards global governance in a country taken down to third-world status.  Politics, parties and what “your friends think of you” set aside, which do you prefer? Choose wisely this election cycle as this is America’s last stand, as the world awaits. No Trump-No Hope.

The Most Important Book Of 2016

“What One Man Can Do” the new Donald Trump book to help swing voters. America and freedom itself is at a crossroads. Civilization as we know it is about to change. This is the most important book of 2016. This is America’s last stand as the world awaits, No Trump-No Hope. Learn more by visiting this page.

Congrats! You’ve made it this far you’re and engaged reader. What are your thoughts? Share your comments here on this blog post. I would like to hear from you. Also share this post on your social media accounts.

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