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Donald Trump Hillary Clinton Race Women

Much has been said about both candidates on Women’s issues and the subject of race. Let’s take a look at both Trump and Clinton’s views on these two subjects that are sure to be addressed in the up and coming debates. They have called Trump a racist and Clinton a champion for women. Well let’s have a closer look here in this post titled Donald Trump Hillary Clinton Race Women.

Donald Trump Hillary Clinton Race Women

Women’s Issues: Donald Trump has historically provided equal pay and advancement opportunities in his 500+ corporations for over 30 years. Hillary Clinton claims to be a women’s advocate, but pays them only 83% of men in equal jobs in the Clinton Foundation. Accepts hundreds of millions of dollars from countries that condone Sharia Law that is the most anti-woman belief system on the planet. Supported Bill Clinton and his serial rapes, abuses and attacks on women.

Race Policy: Donald Trump although called a racist (find me one interview or film clip over the past 30 some odd years to support this false accusation), he has hired all races in his businesses and sued the city to allow inclusion of people of every race into his private club in Palm Beach. Hillary Clinton has paid lip service for years pandering to the black and Hispanic communities, yet has little to actually show for her efforts. I suggest watching the film titled “Hillary’s America” by Dinesh D’Souza, especially if you are black man or woman – (oh yeah and remember Dr. Martin Luther King was a Republican – and as a reminder I am a political atheist with loyalty to any party).

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We can see how diametrically opposed these candidates are on most if not all of the critical issues. Trump and Clinton are on opposite sides of the spectrum indeed. Visit this post titled Apathy Nuclear Option for a breakdown in grid format of the two candidates and share this post on your social media accounts. It is important to understand the difference between Nationalism and Globalism. This post is a good place to begin. Ask yourself, what kind of America and what kind of world do you want to live in and leave for posterity? Vote wisely or we will lose this once great nation and send the world rapidly into a dwindling spiral of death and destruction leaving the demonic powers the victor.

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