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Election Analysis Update June 2016

So much noise. So much BS going on. They are good at creating chaos on many fronts to detract the populace as to the incredible phenomenon taking place, that of course being Donald J. Trump. I will attempt to summarize what I feel are the key aspects of the election analysis update June 2016. Oh and in a nutshell if the election is not somehow stolen, suspended (martial law) or something far worse, Trump will pulverize Clinton and will be the next President. Note: there is a lot of valuable content and resources in the links within this post. Please do visit each one.

Election Analysis Update June 2016

Clinton will more than likely have adequate protection from the investigations taking place for many reasons and will probably be the Democrat nominee, let’s see how this one plays out. Then there is the new noise and potential problem and distraction from the Libertarian camp with Gary Johnson, a big mistake I might ad. Even Ron Paul has not backed the Libertarian candidate. And of course those creeps Kristol and Romney. We have those so called “Conservative Republicans” who can now simply and more accurately be identified by their actions and will not support Trump, all globalist NWO puppets for hire. People like Lyin’ Ted Cruz, Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, Bill Kristol and the criminal Bush clan along with a long list of other characters. You see with this great awakening that is taking place around the world, the pendulum is beginning to shift with the arrival of the brave, and powerful leadership (the messenger), Donald J. Trump. And so people can no longer hide. It is easy in my view to determine who the imposters were all along. It is important to understand the enemies of Donald Trump.

There a few different mindsets to this election cycle. The first are simply the insane, crazy and evil people they will not be supporting Trump. The other type are the truly misinformed. These are the people who want the same things you and I want but they are having a tough time at varying degrees simply because they are unknowingly blindsided in a sort of brainwashed hypnotic condition thanks to decades of media manipulation a sinister shadow government and so on. We must direct them to the facts of the world in which they live and what the consequences will be with a no Trump presidency.


They are doing all they can to prevent the will of the people from being heard during this uprising peaceful revolution. They will do all they can to prevent the official nomination then election of Donald J. Trump. Things will become increasingly more hectic and dangerous I am afraid to say. Meanwhile Trump continues to soar breaking all kinds of records and also picking up tremendous support from so many people from so many sectors. You see in this great awakening there are more people who now “get it” and they have had enough.

So Trump will continue to dominate in the remaining states surpassing the 1237 delegates on his way to the RNC. Let’s see how far the insane enemies of a free America will go. Pray for Donald Trump and his family for obvious reasons.

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