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Election Fraud Donald Trump Where Have All The Lawyers Gone

Like George Carlin said they give us the illusion that we have a choice and a say in the process. Trump’s arrival onto the scene is shinning a very bright light on this. It’s high-time this ends as the people fight for their right. The subject of voter and election fraud has been woven in and out of many of my blog posts concerning the nomination of Donald J. Trump. We must know who the enemy is. So Election Fraud Donald Trump where have all the lawyers gone?

Election Fraud Donald Trump Where Have All The Lawyers Gone

We have talked about the various devious methods in which the Cruz campaign and the head of the RNC Reince Priebus have engaged in election and voter fraud. Beginning with the Cruz camp shenanigans first against Ben Carson as well as in Louisiana, Wisconsin and now Colorado with Cruz against Trump. There is also information that Reince Priebus has his fingers in this regarding capping out Trump so that he does not receive the ideal 50% in each state. How cozy and convenient to have access to Diebold voting computers that are partially owned by the evil George Soros.

Then of course we still have dead people voting, illegal aliens voting, people voting more than once, votes being changed, poorly devised ballots to make it difficult for voters to vote for Trump and so on. And so I ask where have all the lawyers gone? Perhaps there should be a massive class-action law-suit against the Cruz camp and the RNC from “we the people”? One would assume that Donald Trump more than likely has his team of lawyers fully prepared? This voter fraud is a serious crime and if it is allowed to happen (been going on for many years), then we are no different than say China, third world countries and banana republics when it comes to elections. But remember folks they are setting us up for martial law. I have posted on this under the politics section on my blog site. We are the soldiers for Trump, for America, let’s get busy with the law on our side.

Here are some contact numbers for whatever this may be worth

The information below came from Asians for Trump (Facebook Group)

Stop the GOP from changing teh rules and permitting voter fraud against he clear and present front runner Donald J. Trump 1-800-332-1499 press 1

Journalism watchdog agencies to contact fact check Drop them some facts; They need them Polifact: Drop them some Facts; they need them: American Journalism Review Columbia journalism Review Drop them a Tip. They are looking for them Committee of Concerned Journalists FAIR: Drop them a tip – They are looking for them Institute for Public Accuracy media matters

The information below came from the Donald Trump for President (Facebook Group)

Colorado GOP Chair Election for Cruz Steve House who has worked with the Cruz camp in the recent Colorado delegate fiasco in Brighton , Colorado can be reached at 303-880-3242.

Forget politics and parties. We will rebuild or we will perish. The choice is yours. This election cycle should it come to be, is a vote for our posterity. Our strength is in our unity. Choose wisely America. Freedom it’s up to US. Subscribe and receive your free digital pdf copy of my latest book  “Misconceptions and Course Corrections-A Collection of Critical Essays For Our Times”. Congrats! You’ve made it this far you’re and engaged reader. What are your thoughts? Share your comments here on this blog post. I would like to hear from you. Also share this post on your social media accounts.

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