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Everybody Plays The Fool Sometimes

Everybody Plays The Fool Sometimes

A black rioter with a brick in his hand is not fighting for his civil rights or for justice any more than a KKK member is with a torch in his hand. Today we have white police against black men. Since this is occurring right now at the time of this posting I feel I must comment on the hyped up new race issue of the day. Now, they have it broken down into even further sub-categories, white police vs. black men. What is going on here? Everybody plays the fool, sometimes.

Are there some racists white police? I would say so, and probably a very small percentage as I would also submit there may well be a very small percentage of black police who may be racists as well against whites regardless if this gets picked up in the news or not. And it won’t get picked up because it goes against the agenda. Are there some black men who are criminals who are requiring law enforcement intervening? Of course the answer is yes, and far too many I might add, just as there are white men who are criminals that require law enforcement intervening. So what is really going on all of a sudden in America with the police and race issue? Divide and conquer is the answer. Let’s pull back the proverbial Wizard of Oz curtain and see what’s going on.

We have a system called the Rule of Law. In some cases, white police have been found guilty of violating standard police protocol resulting in the death of criminal black (and white for that matter) men. In other cases, white police have been found innocent in the killing of criminal black men, as it was determined through the process they followed standard protocol. And yes, I am aware the legal and justice system itself has corruption within at every level. Oh, and by the way, injustice is not prejudice. Many white people have been unjustly served in the courts and at the wrong side of the barrel of a gun. But tell me, how does one justify in response to a verdict the theft, extreme vandalism, rioting, hurting or even killing of innocent people, burning buildings, and destroying privately owned as well as corporate businesses and communities? A black rioter with a brick in his hand is not fighting for his civil rights or for justice any more than a KKK member is with a torch in his hand.

In some cases, people are actually bussed into these sometimes partially staged riots, (Thanks to George Soros). The rest just riot and then violence begets more violence. Nothing constructive comes from destroying communities because of a judicial outcome. Nothing justifies this behavior. It’s like a child who gets punished by his parents for failing in his school grades, and the child is so upset he kills the pet cat; it’s that crazy. It’s a sorry state of affairs as members of the human race.

Now we have militarized police in full riot gear, the National Guard on the scene, and curfews (or mini-martial law test runs as more aptly named). You see, from this we now have the next set of groups to be pinned up against each other, this being the police across America vs. the newly fired up “hate the cops” or “love the cops” program that this creates. Meanwhile, what else is happening very insidiously are three things:

1. A new trend of cop killings and a new trend in the killing of blacks

2. People’s loyalty and adoration for the new militarized police (when later in the full blown police state and martial law that is coming to America will make it easier for people to blindly surrender their rights) and

3. Practice runs to get the people to gradually accept martial law

Please people. Unite against the real enemy. We are all one. We are all Americans. “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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