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Fauci The Fraud

Fauci The Fraud

Fauci the Fraud

The big push is on with 95 days until election day. The deep state which includes the workings of the WHO, CDC, NIH and BIG PHARMA with Fauci the fraud as the front man spokesman, continues to ramp up the battle between truth and lies telling the American people we must wear masks, goggles, practice social distancing, never shake hands again, remain on house arrest, keeping children at home rather than in school and shutting down American businesses and the economy, while doing all they can to prevent free and fair elections which would clearly result in an historical crushing victory for Donald. J. Trump, while suppressing the actual effective and successful treatments like Hydroxychloroquine, they race for their profit making toxic vaccination to control every aspect of our lives and eventually kill us.

Take note, President Trump will NEVER mandate the vaccination. The decision will remain up to the individual. The President is in an awfully difficult position on the chess board of life, keeping his enemies close. In the end, they will lose, we will win.

Censored Dr.’s In DC

Meanwhile patriot MD’s and PhD scientists that are not on the deep state payroll, along with we the awakened people, are combating the false deceptive narrative which is designed to have us submit to their insanity, frozen with fear, and to control us, while they race towards toxic tracking devised vaccines for people control and population control.


Now if you are hearing this type of narrative for the very first time, I urge you to scan this YouTube channel for all the shows you see with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Dr. Judy Mikovitz, and other MD’s as well as investigative journalist James Grundvig. You will come to learn, among many other things, that no one has died from Covd19. Then be sure to watch our exclusive “Making Sense of the Madness” special report with James G. “Architects of the Pandemic”. It’s all there. Next week we will release the short video special report, “Unmasking the Masks Agenda”.  Meanwhile read the report. Then you will know what we know. You will know the truth. Then you must share this article and my daily alternative news programs far and wide. Yes, make no mistake about this, Fauci is a fraud.

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