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FISA Day of Reckoning Is Here

FISA Day of Reckoning Is Here

IG Report II is on the door step. We are told by members of Congress this report will hit any day now. This of course will be devastating to the deep state and its operatives. What is in store? Indictments and prosecutions for starters. Who may be among the first subject to this? Can you say Comey, McCabe, Brennan, Page, Strzok and others? You bet.

Be on the right side of history. Support President Trump. Optics and timing are everything. This is an intelligence war of which we are winning. Have faith. And for the naysayers and for those who take cheap shots at me and others, it’s okay for WWG1WGA. A cause for celebration for all patriot loving Americans is ours to be had. Multiple investigations are well under way. Things are happening. Wars are ending. The Geopolitical landscape is changing. Trump will help usher in peace in Syria. MSM is exposed and losing credibility. Sealed indictments of all kinds are being unsealed. Global financial reset is underway, watch after 2020 as Trump transforms the global monetary system. Dangerous days. Dangerous days ahead. But we are winning. Winning? Hell yeah!

Bracelets, Tweets and Assassination Attempts

Attacks will intensify as we draw near. Buckle down. Stay the course. Trust the plan. Support Trump. Do not waiver nor allow influencers in your circles to penetrate your position They will be proven wrong. Instead, help them.

Pelosi. Okay she is wearing a bracelet. It has a bullet on it. To the left and right of the bullet is an orange bead. She wore a green dress. Bullets kill. Orange man. Green light. Ivanka tweets something about Star Wars and the force being with her and her family. Comey tweets and eludes to layer of protection lifted for Trump. Texas rally man is arrested with gun in backpack. Aerosol cans  a helmet and a breathing mask. Maxine Waters, Tlaib and others are calling for the arrest, solitary confinement and assassination of Trump. Remember? The US Marines have been activated. Pray for our President and his family. The deep state is ramping up their attacks on multiple fronts in full scale panic mode. This will intensify because they know we are now winning. Listen to my message from Bangkok. And remember, freedom, it’s up to U.S.!

Greetings from Bangkok

Greetings from Bangkok


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