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Focus On The Issues Trump vs Clinton

This post will take a snapshot covering various policy issues between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. We understand that Trump is up against a completely rigged system from the media, to voter and election fraud. We understand who the enemies of Donald Trump are and this includes individuals in both parties. So let’s continue to Focus On The Issues Trump vs Clinton.

Focus On The Issues Trump vs Clinton

Police: There is a war on police. Donald Trump admires our Police and supports them. He appreciates and understands the importance of their work and the dangers they face each and every day. Trump wants to keep them under local control. Hillary Clinton on the other hand thinks that Police are the problem and she wants increased federalization of local police.

Education: Trump will abolish Common Core and return education back to the states and to the families. Clinton will continue on the BHO plan and will further support and expand Common Core.

Obamacare: Trump will replace it with something less costly and more effective creating a system whereby the insurers will have to compete for your business which will drive prices down and provide more choices. Clinton plain and simple will keep Obamacare and expand it.

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We can see how diametrically opposed these candidates are on most if not all of the critical issues. Trump and Clinton are on opposite sides of the spectrum indeed. Visit this post titled Apathy Nuclear Option for a breakdown in grid format of the two candidates and share this post on your social media accounts. It is important to understand the difference between Nationalism and Globalism. This post is a good place to begin. Ask yourself, what kind of America and what kind of world do you want to live in and leave for posterity? Vote wisely or we will lose this once great nation and send the world rapidly into a dwindling spiral of death and destruction leaving the demonic powers the victor.

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