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Free and Fair Elections?

Free and Fair Elections?

Commentary and analysis by author, activist, John Michael Chambers

Why is it that the with the majority of the contested recounts we mostly find tens of thousands of missing ballots for the Democrats and not the Republicans? I mean, what are the odds of that? Slim I would suggest, slim. If Rick Scott of Florida does not take decisive action and steps immediately, his own election along with Ron DeSants is in serious jeopardy. Am I insinuating that there is voter fraud and election theft taking place in Florida and other states as well? You bet. Now there is plenty of news out there today and in the coming days perhaps weeks about the recounts taking place today that can be found on social media and by scouring the various news feeds. So I will not regurgitate. If you are a true concerned patriot and possibly an activist then I ask you to read the following excerpt from my book Trump and the Resurrection of America provided for you below and share this post everywhere.

Chapter Excerpt

Americans are under the illusion that there is a two-party system in place and that we have free and fair elections and we have a choice. But in actuality, it really is a one–party system serving the same master. I will get into this in the chapter titled “Shadow Government.” Let’s discuss the U.S. free and fair elections. Free and fair elections? Oh really? Ask Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders about free and fair elections.

The United States actually has the worst voting system in the developed world. According to NYU professor Mark Crispin Miller, even Harvard University ranked the U.S. dead last place in the developed world. Professor Miller went on to say that former President Jimmy Carter said in 2006 in a NPR interview that the elections in the U.S. are so poor that we don’t even rise to the minimal level where the Carter Center would bother to monitor them.

You see, we are under the illusion that we have free and fair elections when in fact the candidates are “selected,” funded with full-blown support from the PACS, big corporations, the corrupt, biased media, and then placed into office. We have shed blood across this globe fighting for others to have the right to free and fair elections, yet we do not. It is “they” who get to decide who becomes the President of the United States. Well, that all changed with the election of Donald J. Trump in 2016, being perhaps the only exception in modern history. Consider this.

Voter Fraud and Election Theft

Voter fraud and election theft have been going on for a very long time and perhaps even more so today. Who is guilty? Well, both parties are guilty; depends upon what the shadow government’s agenda is.

We see reports where dead people are voting. During the primaries of 2016, absentee ballots were seen being shredded into a wastebasket. There is gerrymandering taking place as yet another method. There are instances where one person has voted multiple times. There is the corruption in play with the PACS that Donald Trump spoke out against during the primaries of 2015 and 2016. Some years ago, in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, there were sworn affidavits which have been collected by a team spearheaded by attorney Mark Adams, indicating that votes were significantly changed in local elections. Not to mention the onslaught of illegal aliens voting. There are many other instances of fraud. But perhaps the most telling and most disturbing one of all is the fact that the Diebold voting machines are hackableand rigged. Then there is the process known as “skimming.” What is skimming? The following summation of skimming and the GEMS software sections were provided by Dr. Richard Davis of PollMole.


  1. ƒ  A very sophisticated method of election fraud

  2. ƒ  The most common way to “steal” an election

  3. ƒ  Manipulate pre-election polls to project a “close race”

  4. ƒ  Design the polls to have a wide margin of error

  5. ƒ  Wide margins rig the system against any effective legal 

  6. ƒ  Manipulate the vote to make sure the race is close

  7. ƒ  Fit the official vote to hide within the black hole (i.e., margin 
of error)

  8. ƒ  Skimming is hard to detect and almost impossible to prove

  9. ƒ  Honest campaigns can only win in real landslides of 10 per- 
cent or more, unless a scientific polling technology could be deployed that generates cost-effective, statistically robust results with very small margin of error.

Traditional Polling 
So with typical polling you see oftentimes a “select” group of people being polled. The number of people being polled is typically five hun- dred to two thousand. Then with traditional polling you can expect a margin of error to be as high as 6 to 10 percent. This is about as effective as polling a group of steak eaters at a large steak house in one neighborhood and asking them if they prefer steak or seafood for dinner. This is the same method used in political polling. This type of polling is not representative of the electorate across the country. And so the fix is in, and the expectation is set, and the biased media’s talking points set the narrative for the regurgitating puppets, we the “sheeple.”

For example, after the second debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, CNN released a poll minutes after the debate, a se- lect group of people totaling just 537, and the poll resulted in Hillary beating Trump 57 to 34 percent in that debate. CNN reported that 58 percent of those polled were democrats.

Anyone who watched, even Hillary supporters, knows that Trump slaughtered her in this particular debate. I rest my case. Skewed, rigged polling, skimming the elections. The plot thickens.

Edison Research Group

What is the Edison Research Group? This group conducts the exit poll results on election day. They provide the data under an exclusive contract to the National Election Pool (a cartel of six huge media conglomerates: ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX, NBC, and AP). Edison is owned by the same six cartel members. How cozy and convenient. And with the GEMS manipulation capabilities in place and if the artificial intelligence (AI) is activated, election theft occurs. Think about it, private for-profit companies tell us about our election results outcome. Are you hearing me? Are you following me? Are you with me so far?

All of the mainstream media (MSM) and now as recently observed even some of the alternative media will never get into the crux of the voter fraud and election theft issue. Sure they might touch on the dead voters, the voter who has voted more than once, and so on, but pre-programmed computers with AI? You probably won’t hear that on the MSM. Discussing computerized election fraud is generally off limits. It’s like discussing how the twin towers came down on 911, not to mention building number seven. These subjects are off limits when it comes to MSM. And so the blackout and gag order are in full force and Americans are once again hoodwinked and a laughing- stock to the world.


The GEMS resident software has been installed on virtually all central server voting machines deployed in the U.S. and can easily steal the election, undetected, with extreme precision. This is also known as black box voting. There is some evidence that this technology was used by Hillary to steal her primary from Senator Sanders. The GEMS software has now been placed under the control of an advanced Artificial Intelligence system that can continuously manipulate the “official vote” tally nationwide in nanoseconds, right down to the precinct level, without detection. This system will have been specifically designed and purpose-built to be the perfect tool—leaving no evidence behind—in order to commit the perfect crime.

WikiLeaks has provided credible evidence that the pre-election presidential polls were being rigged as well, in order to set the expectation for a Clinton victory. Meanwhile Clinton and Kaine had been cancelling rallies due to little to no attendance as Trump continued to fill arenas across the nation, with thousands more lined up outside unable to get in. Enough said. There is speculation within inner circles that perhaps a counter AI may have been deployed, ensuring the victory for Trump. We simply don’t know for sure. We do know that the election process in America is fatally flawed for multiple reasons and Russia had nothing to do with this.

Forward Progress

“The people who cast the votes don’t decide an election, the people who count the votes do.” – Joseph Stalin.

The Founding Fathers stated the votes are to be cast in private and counted in public. This of course is no longer being done since the advent of computerized voting. Think about it—have you ever seen a computer count? The following suggestions regarding an overhaul to our flawed corrupt election process were made by NYU Professor Mark Crispin Miller.

  1. ƒ  Eliminate private companies with vested interests in the counting and reporting of votes

  2. ƒ  Return to hand-counted paper ballots

  3. ƒ  Get rid of computerized voting

  4. ƒ  Require automatic registration on birthdays

  5. ƒ  Election Day should be a national holiday 
These in my opinion are sound and simple steps to take to help re- store election integrity. There is another method, yet another way of detecting and deterring voter fraud and election theft. PollMole 
You may recall in my open letter at the beginning of this book I mentioned I spent some time assisting with a startup company leading up the election of 2016. That company was PollMole. So what is PollMole, you may ask? Reminds me of the movie Back to the Future, where the guy says to Marty, “Who the hell is JFK?” This may soon become the case with PollMole. Time will tell. 
PollMole is a highly disruptive, transformative social networking and connectivity technology. It empowers its users to directly and interac- tively retrieve, analyze, process, archive, and share opinions, ideas, beliefs, and other forms of complex information, from an almost un- limited number of people, simultaneously, in real time, twenty-four/ seven, and translate this information into actionable intelligence, thus providing extremely accurate, focused, science-based information designed to optimize decision-making ability.

Whew. So how does this relate to the election process? In essence, PollMole bypasses the traditional content controls erected by the big media’s information cartel and delivers real information directly into the hands of we the people. PollMole is a downloadable app that can help to restore election integrity results. When you download your free app and cast your anonymous vote, an electronic affidavit is reg- istered within the technological platform. Should there be an election contest, PollMole can become quite the useful tool as a “weapon of truth” if you will.

If a court order were presented to PollMole, the candidate contesting the election outcome might find PollMole most useful. After all, if there were a large sampling of votes cast across all 180,000+ precincts, say, with twenty million votes having been casted and recorded in the PollMole app with a near zero margin of error, this would detect just where the voter fraud took place and perhaps reveal enough forensic evidence to overturn the election results. This would be historical and a real game changer. In fact, this would change everything.

In addition to detecting voter fraud and election theft, there would be consequences such as prosecution for those who committed the fraud. This can be widespread as you move up and down the channels.

Furthermore, the media and the rigged polling organizations, agencies, and corporations as well as the pundits are caught with their pants down, exposed and discredited, and so the media itself must then become honest and straight or simply lose their audience, ratngs, revenues.

And due to the way the firewalls have been constructed within the PollMole back-end technology, the names of those who cast the votes remain anonymous as intended by the Founding Fathers.

You can learn more about this startup company called PollMole by visiting the company’s developing website and by doing a Google search. I am certain by the time the next election cycle rolls around, with a Trump administration in place, we can look forward to significant and much-needed changes to the election process.


I hope you actually took the time to read this book excerpt. As to PollMole, you can learn more by visiting the PollMole archived articles on my website and I will be providing an update on PollMole before 2018 plays out.

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