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Free And Fair Elections

So, Joe Biden is to become the 46th President of the United States? Hold on. The fat lady is not yet singing! This will be addressed in Special Report fifteen, “Trump and The Election Sting Operation, The Fat Lady Is Not Yet Singing”. Is this the same Joe Biden who thought he was running for the Senate?

Joe Biden spent much of his campaign hiding out in his basement doing occasional video appearances and finding it most difficult to get out a cohesive sentence. The gaffes are frequent, extraordinary and very telling. The few appearances that he did make in public drew anywhere from six to perhaps hundred or so people, taking few if any questions from the media.

Meanwhile tens of thousands of people all across the country filled stadiums, arenas and airports often with very little notice. There were more people on line at the ladies’ room at a Trump rally that were in attendance at any given Biden rally.

So how is it that Biden received the most votes for President than any Presidential election in history? You think the media, corrupt corporations, big tech and virtually limitless funding had anything to do with it? How about the vote counting process?


The Founding Fathers stated the votes are to be cast in private and counted in public. This of course is no longer being done since the advent of computerized voting. Think about it—have you ever seen a computer count? The hammer is the key to the coup.

“The people who cast the votes don’t decide an election, the people who count the votes do.” – Joseph Stalin.

You should pick up a copy of “Trump and the Resurrection of America” written by John Michael Chambers first published in 2017. The chapter titled free and fair elections and the digital theft was laid out in the pages of this book, yes way back then.

Americans are under the illusion that there is a two-party system in place and that we have free and fair elections and we have a choice. But in actuality, it really is a one–party system serving the same master. And the system is rigged. Free and fair elections? Oh really? Ask Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders for that matter about free and fair elections. According to NYU professor Mark Crispin Miller, the United States actually has the worst voting system in the developed world.

We are under the illusion that we have free and fair elections when in fact the candidates are selected, funded, and ushered in via the fake news media, corporate giants, big tech, and various methods of voter fraud leading to election theft. Votes are stolen. Voices are silenced. The fix is in.

You did read the report and transcript of the testimony under oath by American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology titled “Why Google Poses a Serious Threat to Democracy, and How to End That Threat” by Dr. Robert Epstein, PhD, Senior Research Psychologist, of the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology. This testimony took place before the United States Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, Tuesday, June 16, 2019, 2:30 p.m. It can be found on YouTube, well that is if it has not been censored. In his testimony he stated how Googles algorithms manipulated search results costing Donald Trump millions of votes in 2016. Oh and by the way, for your information, Dr. Epstein is a democrat who voted for Hillary.

Let us not forget that we have shed blood across this globe fighting for others to have the right to free and fair elections, yet we do not. It is “they” who get to decide who becomes the President of the United States. So how is this accomplished? It begins with polling.

Many of the polls are rigged. You select a specific set of people you get a specific desired outcome. You poll a small sample of individuals; you get a large margin of error. This type of polling is not representative of the electorate across the country. These false polls are then projected onto the American people creating a false expectation as to results. And so, the fix is in, the expectation is set, and the biased media’s talking points, sets the narrative.

The deep state and the democrats seized the opportunity during Covid 19, (or more aptly titled the Plandemic), to usher in voter fraud on a level never seen before with the tens of millions of mail in ballots. Again, “The people who cast the votes don’t decide an election, the people who count the votes do.” – Joseph Stalin.

Consider the following…

Project Veritas went undercover – seems there has been back dating of postmarks. There is ballot harvesting. Remember that movie where the little boy said “I see dead people”? Well now he sees dead people voting – hundreds of thousands of them!

People voting more than once. An unknown number of illegal aliens voting – perhaps in the millions. Same person voting more than once and in more than one state. A 35,000 late vote ballot dump in Detroit after the polls closed. Pennsylvania kicked out Republican poll watchers and put up plywood barriers so couldn't watch vote count. 500 ballots discovered in a dumpster near a post office. Pennsylvania Supreme Court completely changed the voter rules after the campaigns had started. Vote totals exceeded registered voters in many of the Biden called states including Wisconsin. Vote totals in Orange County Florida exceeded registrations by 2%.

It has also been reported that…

Judicial Watch found 1.8 million "ghost voters" in 29 states. Registration rates of some counties exceeded 100% of eligible voters. 8 states had state-wide registration rates exceeding 100%. Biggest problems: Texas - 187% excess, New Mexico - 177%, & South Dakota - 171%.

Maria Bartiromo of FOX NEWS posted this on Parler… She said - “A friend sent this - my team is looking into it…”

4 A M dump in Wisconsin 65,000 votes 100% Biden. 4 A M dump in Michigan 138,499 votes 100% for Biden. Arizona poll workers forcing voters to use sharpies thus invalidated ballots. Trump leading in Georgia North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and they stopped the counting ahead of time. Video footage of boxes being walked into the counting stations in Michigan after poll watchers sent home. Fairfax Virginia switched 100,000 votes from Trump to Biden "clerical error”. Wisconsin discovers over 112,000 Biden ballots between 3:30 A M and 4:30 A M. Wisconsin has more votes than registered voters. Remember, the hammer is the key to the coup.

The reports of election protocol violations and evidence of voter fraud are coming in by the hour in multiple counties and multiple states. But the biggest theft that the media and big tech will never discuss and continues to censor, has come to be known as the hammer.

You should pick up a copy of Mary Fanning and Alan Jones’s book titled, “The Hammer is the key to the coup”. You can also find an in depth unedited, not censored, interview with Marry Fanning and John Michael Chambers on www dot American Media Periscope dot net.

You must come to understand that very sophisticated software has been installed on virtually all central server voting machines deployed in the U.S. and can easily steal the election, undetected, with extreme precision.

In addition to the two books sourced in this report, both three star General Thomas McInerney and General Flynn’s attorney, Sydney Powell, discussed the theft by the hammer on an interview with Steve Bannon.

The hammer technology was used Joe Biden and Barack Obama in 2012 then again in 2016 by Hillary Clinton to steal her primary from Senator Sanders. There is speculation within inner circles that perhaps a counter AI may have been deployed, ensuring the victory for Donald Trump back in the election of 2016. Truth be told, Donald Trump received far more votes in 2016 than was determined and reported. We do know that the election process in America is fatally flawed for multiple reasons. Back to the hammer.

The hammer is placed under the control of an advanced Artificial Intelligence system that continuously manipulates the official vote tally nationwide in nanoseconds, right down to the precinct level, without detection. This system is specifically designed and purpose-built to be the perfect tool—leaving no evidence behind—in order to commit the perfect crime. Fractionalizing the vote count. Stripping votes from one candidate to another. Was this used in the Presidential election of 2020 between Joe Biden and President Donald J. Trump? Perhaps, time will tell.

Free and Fair Elections? Hammer is the Key to the Coup

“The people who cast the votes don’t decide an election, the people who count the votes do.” – Joseph Stalin.

The Founding Fathers stated the votes are to be cast in private and counted in public. This of course is no longer being done since the advent of computerized voting. Think about it—have you ever seen a computer count?

Voter fraud and now election theft has delivered a gut punch to the American people. And so, on January 20, 2021 at 12 noon, will Joe Biden be inaugurated into office as the 46th President of the United States? If so, then here comes Kamala and the squad in the wings.

What about the mass arrests? The 200,000 Federal sealed indictments? The Epstein case? The de-class? Will the Durham report, ever see the light of day?

And what about the Biden crime family, the three hard drives turned over by the CCP to the DOJ? And what about the laptop from hell?

Will America sink rapidly into a brutal socialist / communist dictatorship as markets crash and masks and lockdowns resume?

Medicare for all? Contact tracing? Forced toxic chipped vaccinations? Censorship on steroids? Abolishing of the second amendment? Packing the Supreme Court? Doing away with the filibuster? Adding DC, Puerto Rico and others as states?

And the children. Ah yes. The children. What about the child sex trafficking rings and pedophilia?

And so freedom hangs in the balance. God has a different plan. Be sure to watch Special Report 15, “Trump and The Election Sting Operation, The Fat Lady Is Not Yet Singing”.

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