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Gandhi Trump 1237 Delegates

The following quote from the great Mahatma Gandhi shows the similarity between Gandhi and Trump as a brave individual with a voice and quest for freedom. “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they challenge you, then you win.” – Gandhi. The “not supposed to happen” candidate Donald Trump is now on his way to the White House. This is Trump’s first major win against all odds. Gandhi Trump 1237 Delegates, congratulations Mr. Trump as the American people rally behind a voice which address their needs and the potential restoration of America.

Gandhi Trump 1237 Delegates

“First they ignore you”. When Trump made his announcement for his candidacy for President at Trump Tower back in June 2015, many simply ignored him. As the debates began, with an unleashed, non-politically correct Trump under the global media spotlight, they laughed at him. Both the left and the right simply taking cheap shots at the Donald; “then they laugh at you”. Soon thereafter as Trumpmania began, the challenges and attacks escalated and it became obvious who the enemies of Donald Trump were.

Staged riots, comparisons between Trump and Hitler, planted protestors, Vicente Fox, the attacking of Trumps Real Estate University law suits, rigged election process, delegate stealing, voter fraud, attacking his policy platform issues, the size of his e-hum (hands), Fox News, CNN, democrats and republicans etc. all coming out to challenge Trump as it became clear that Trump was gaining massive momentum; “then they challenge you”. The more they hit him, the more momentum and supporters he gains and those that hit him often suffer adverse consequences. It’s a wonderful thing. “Then you win”. Well today Donald Trump in spite of the orchestrated tightly controlled matrix giving him all they got, Donald J. Trump is a winner and has now not only reached the 1237 but will soar well above this required number for first ballot at the RNC. Trump once all is said and done, come November, will have done something that has never before been done in our political history along with breaking scores of records along the way.

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