Get The Hell Out Of The White House

Get The Hell Out Of The White House

“I’m sick of it. Your Muslim President celebrated the end of a Muslim holiday in the White House to a crowd of Muslims only.” Savage went on to play the clip, an excerpt of President Obama speaking before the group and Savage went on a rant saying (screaming), “Ah shut up! Just shut the hell up! Get the hell out of the White House already and take the furniture, take the dishes, just get the hell out!” Savage continued, “Go back where the hell you came from!” Savage went on to say that Obama in his speech did not once mention the attacks by Muslims rather he celebrates Muslims without talking about Ft. Hood, San Bernardino, Orlando etc. Savage asks his audience if we can see after all these years who he (Obama) really is? Do we realize or not that President Obama has been “put here by the secret hand that controls the world?”. Savage says that it was the number one job of BHO to put a nuclear weapon in the hands of the Iranians as an assigned duty long before he was President.

Savage changed gears a bit after this rant focusing his audiences attention on the General Election Trump vs. Clinton where he said…”You have a choice. You want to live or you want to die. Do you want your nation to live or your nation to die.” I would concur with this insinuating question. Read this. Listen to the Savage broadcast here and share this post.

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