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Historic Events Now Begin Trump on the Offense

No Collusion No Obstruction

Well, well well, what we have all been waiting for has finally now begun. I for one, have written about this subject for over two years and knew that this day would arrive. No collusion, no obstruction, game over.

Historic events now begin as Trump goes on the offense. Yes, of course we know that the Democrats and the fake news will continue to challenge and go after President Trump on a never ending list of baseless, useless attacks as we know their mission is to de-legitimize this president and our movement for freedom. We know their mission is to remove President Trump from office and to see that Trump is not re-elected in 2020. They will continue on this pathway, attempting to accomplish this by any means whatsoever. Why? Because those guilty of treason, crimes and misdemeanors have everything to lose, thus the frenzied panic we now see before us. They will do whatever they can to double down on the Mueller Report, pursue obstruction and then impeachment with a vengeance, and go after tax returns and who knows what else they will conjure up. Why? Because they know they have been caught. They know they will soon be held accountable. They will rat each other out and eat each other alive. I suspect real suicides and individuals “suicided” over time. The fake news, Hollywood, corrupt elected officials, individuals in the DOJ, FBI, CIA and the deep state apparatus at large, are in meltdown mode. Those who scream the loudest have the most to lose, and there are quite a few noise makers. They are panicking as President Trump and the patriots are now on the offense. Soon, like in a matter of a few short weeks at best, they will lose control over the narrative as Trump goes on the offense. Game over. As always, stay alert for more false flags. Get the popcorn, enjoy the show, it’s a great time to be an American!

Trump on the Offense

With an estimated 93,000 federal sealed indictments prepared against the global deep state syndicate, which includes many elected officials, this will create a cascading avalanche like never seen before in our political history. Everything I talked about on June 13, 2018 in the article I wrote titled Scale of Discovery & Action They are on the Run, particularly steps six, seven and eight has arrived and are now unfolding. What can we look forward to in the coming weeks and months ahead? De-classification. President Trump when asked by Sean Hannity about FISA and the de-class in an interview dated March 27, 2019, the President stated that “I do, I have plans to declassify and release”.  Trump went on to discuss Hillary Clinton in the Hannity interview and indicated he will go after Clinton now as well. So what else can we expect? In the end, Clinton’s, Bush’s and Obama’s will all be held accountable. Lyndsey Graham is pursuing hearings as well for former FBI agents like Comey, McCabe and others. Devin Nunez has submitted eight criminal referrals to AG Barr with more on the way. And Julian Assange? Can’t wait for this hero to reveal much of what the world needs to hear as soon as he gets in court. He may be the only one who has lived to testify against the Clinton’s.


And so, probes, hearings, subpoenas, indictments, grand juries, trials, as well as the resuming of the military tribunals are what will soon dominate world news. The tens of millions of dollars that GITMO has received will prove to have been well spent. Yes, Trump and team is changing the narrative. Military tribunals you say? This subject I wrote about as well back on August 12, 2017. Yes that’s right, military tribunals. Two individuals have already had their tribunals. John McCain and George Herbert Walker Bush. Oh yeah, and what did the founding fathers say the punishment is for elected officials found guilty of treason, high crimes and misdemeanors? Execution. I’ll let you connect the dots on that. If this subject matter is foreign to you, I suggest you change the channel. Venezuelans are starving for food (thanks to socialism), while Americans are starving for truth. Get on board. Get some skin in the game. I have provided but a few resources below to help guide you. And soon it will be easy for you as all the world will see. From dark to light.

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