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“I Caught the Swamp”

"I Caught the Swamp"

The fake news media will have you believe that we are one step away from losing this battle and impeaching our President. Complete nonsense and just that, fake news. The media, a critical component of the deep state apparatus, along with the rest of the deep state, are panicking. They have lost virtually every battle and fraudulent fake attempts and coupe’s against President Trump and we the people. Donald Trump, told us, as a candidate in 2016, that we will begin to win again and so much so that we will get tired of winning. Well we are winning. We are winning “big league”. Let’s barely scratch the surface on this.

“I Caught The Swamp” – President Trump

Last week, President Trump tweeted and stated that he caught the swamp and that we have it all, all the evidence. Have a listen to the President here. The President went on to say that the deep state’s time is up. I have been talking about this for probably two years. Trump has all the goods on everyone. The NSA data collection. The IG II report and the FISA findings. NXIVM data, (The sex cult trafficking ring). The intel on Jeffrey Epstein and more. And of course, as I and many others knew from the onset, Epstein did not commit suicide. He was suicided. And this too has now come out with the coroner report. AG Barr has subpoenaed twenty prison workers for starters. Yes, my friends and fellow patriots, they, the deep state and it’s operatives here and abroad, are all going down. We are indeed winning.

John Michael Chambers The Winning Red


So, and in the face of the relentless non-stop attacks, what has President Trump accomplished thus far as he dismantles decades of Globalists policies? Well for starters, we are coming to learn that people and countries we thought were our friends are turning out to be our enemies and people and countries we thought were our enemies are turning out to be our friends. Funny how that works isn’t it? Truth, Trump and the age of transparency.  Of course this will only serve as a fraction of what the President has accomplished. is an additional place you can visit for related information.

Swamp Draining

  1. IG I

  2. IG II FISA coming

  3. 12,426 arrests globally

  4. 8,062 resignations globally

  5. Over 109,000 federal sealed indictments

  6. 22 FBI firings resignations

  7. Child sex trafficking rings

  8. El Chapo

Global Issues

  1. Getting NAFTA to pay their fair share

  2. De-funding the UN

  3. Pulling us out of the Paris Accord and the climate a change hoax

  4. No longer dependent on foreign oil

Healthcare Issues

  1. Repealed individual mandate providing more choices and creating competition

Military & Defense

  1. Rebuilding the deliberately depleted US Military to be the best in the world

  2. Overhauling care and treatment and hire/ fire policies

  3. Forgiving student loan debt for veterans

  4. Border control – The Wall Protecting the homeland

  5. Defeating ISIS

  6. Ending endless wars

  7. Stabilizing N. Korea

  8. Empowering ICE, Police and border patrol and restoring respect for such entities


  1. Appointing over 150 soon to be 200 conservative federal judges

  2. Gorsuch and Kavanaugh

Economic & Monetary

  1. Re-negotiating the imbalances of trade deficits to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars a year – reciprocal fair trade

  2. HR 24 – HR 25

  3. Imposing tariffs as a tool in negotiating

  4. Steps towards the transformation of the global economic and monetary system

  5. $10 Trillion in wealth creation

  6. Highest market value in history

  7. 4% GDP

  8. Millions of people off of food stamps

  9. Historically low unemployment

Failed Attempts

  1. Assassination plots and attempts

  2. Muller witch hunt

  3. Muller hearing

  4. Stormy Daniels / Avenatti

  5. Tax returns

  6. Off the ballot in California

  7. No wall funding

  8. Lewendowski attempt

  9. Manafort attempt

  10. Michael Cohen attempt

  11. Impeachment witch hunt

White house Refuses to Cooperate with Dems on Impeachment Inquiry "I caught the swamp"

John Enters  Time Marker 8:46

The Big Preparation

The American people and the world are slowly and methodically being prepared for some rather disruptive uncomfortable truths. I have  been writing and speaking about this for quite some time now. This is now upon us. Read my articles here on my website. You can listen to my media interviews and public speeches here.

As the President in the recent past has stated that these are sick people doing very bad and evil things. The rafters of the world are about to rattle. Their time is up. They have been caught. And very soon, it will be a cascading avalanche that comes down upon them, and they know it. Thus the final desperate attempts that you see before you. Just like Hillary Clinton stated way back when that if we take her down that we would bring all of Washington DC down with her. McCabe recently said the same thing. And in the e-mail to election rigger, FOX NEWS contributor Donna Brazile, as released by the innocent hero Julian Assange stated, that “If you don’t do something about that bastard we are all going to hang from nooses” or something of the sort. Well, get the rope. And yes the swamp will be drained.  GITMO tribunals are to be live streamed and remember the Federal death penalty has been reinstated by AG Barr. The federal courts are being re-benched. The stage is being set. Get ready. Get the popcorn for the show of a lifetime. What a truly amazing time to be alive!

What’s Next?

The deep state is going down my friends and this will be a cascading avalanche at some point in time and very soon I might add. They are all going down and this includes Soros, the Clinton’s and Obama’s, mark my words. This will go one for some years to come and already has begun. Please check out related articles below and the links within.

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Clarion Call

This battle will rage on for the rest of our lives. Pray for our President and his family. No Trump-no hope. What we do right here, right now is for posterity. So when your children and grandchildren ask you “What were you doing when the global governance was being thrust down the throat of America and the world, what will your answer be? Freedom, it’s up to U.S.

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