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In Trump We Trust

In Trump We Trust

Now before you get your panties in a bunch, of course the supreme being rules over all. Having said that I shall carry on. It’s an amazing time to be alive. It’s great and proud to be an American once again. In Trump we Trust.  Support this man with everything you have or you will have nothing at all.

I Told You So

For those of you who follow my work, over 400 articles, several books, hundreds of speeches, dozens of media interviews and so on. You’ve heard me say it before. So here goes again. You have little faith. Stay the course. Trust the plan. There is one and it is unfolding exactly as it should. Timing and optics. Know this, we are winning. This is an intelligence battle. There will be no impeachment. They are all going down. Hearings, probes, investigations, indictments, prosecutions, sentencing. Prison, GITMO, executions and military tribunals. Marines activated. Q-QANON and other intel sources. Pedophilia the Achilles Heel of the deep state. Epstein. Global Financial Reset. Soon, IRS and Federal Reserve overhauled, controlled, restoring sound money and power back to the people.


Remember? It’s either us or them. Failure is not an option as this is the resurrection of America. The survival of our nation. A course correction for humanity. This one’s for all the marbles. Over 100,000 sealed indictments. FISA brings down the house. They are all going down. Comey, Strzok, Page, McCabe, Brennan, Clapper, Schiff, Pelosi and many many others. Corporate people. Political people. Media mouthpieces. Hollywood idiots. Royalty. Many abroad. All going down. Oh and yes as I have stated before and shall state again now, the Clinton’s, and Obama’s go down big time. This is Trump and the age of transparency. The Bushes for the most part are already under control. We get Trump for at least four more years. Oh, can you say Don Jr?

Donald J. Trump, the most loved man alive. Global support coming soon for Trump. Ending all wars. Repositioning the global Geo-Politcal landscape. Fake news. New media emerging. China, Tech giants, Banksters, Big Pharma have all met their match. Trump a most formidable challenge. Hit Trump? Attack Trump? Go after Trump? And the wrath of God will be your consequence.

A paradigm shift of gargantuan proportions is now underway. Some say “Trump you can’t handle the storm”. Nonsense. Trump is the storm and the storm is now upon us. Stay safe. Surround yourself with like minded people who truly understand the times and expand this circle of influence. Be strong. Seek truth. Speak truth. False Flags will escalate in frequency and in destruction. Be safe. Be prepared. Be vigilant. Trump. Never under estimate what one man can do. This is Trump and the resurrection of America. Rule of law President. Trump restoring power to the people. WWG1WGA.

Divine Intervention

Yes we have been given a chance in this brief breath in eternity to resurrect America. Do not squander this miraculous moment in our history.

As George Washington was divinely inspired and protected to form America, it is my belief that Donald J. Trump is divinely inspired and protected to resurrect America. Trump’s whole life has led him to this precise moment in time. There are no accidents. No coincidences. There are three things that cannot long be hidden, the sun, the moon and the truth. Get with the program. Be on the right side of history. It’s an amazing time to be alive. It’s great and proud to be an American once again. Thank you President Trump Thank you sir. We the patriots are with you. In Trump we Trust. Support this man with everything you have or you will have nothing at all.

Clarion Call

This battle will rage on for the rest of our lives. Pray for our President and his family. No Trump-no hope. What we do right here, right now is for posterity. So when your children and grandchildren ask you “What were you doing when the global governance was being thrust down the throat of America and the world, what will your answer be? Freedom, it’s up to U.S.

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