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Introducing The No Debate Debate

Okay so out of nowhere a “forum” is scheduled, I call this introducing the no debate debate. On September 7th Matt Lauer (in bed with the Clinton’s and that’s not even the big story here), will moderate a forum between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. And wouldn’t you know it, they wont be on the stage together at the same time. That’s right, each candidate will address an all Military audience one person at a time on the stage. Humm, I wonder who goes first? Well how convenient is this? Not surprising to anyone who is even half awake to realty. This is a carefully concealed and orchestrated cover up of sorts. Also comes as no surprise since the ruling elite and the Clinton camp have much to hide and so much to fear. Here’s my take on this.

Please listen to a very important announcement towards the end of the short podcast below.

Introducing The No Debate Debate

Clinton’s Condition – Anyone who can observe the obvious (Dr. Drew for example who was recently fired from CNN for doing just that), knows that Mrs. Clinton is not well. There are all kinds of speculations and medical reports, videos, photographs and so on that raise concerns over Hillary’s health. Furthermore she has not done a legitimate press interview in well over 200 days which is unheard for a Presidential candidate. You see in my opinion, they must do all they can to prevent a LIVE debate with Mr. Trump as he will pulverize Clinton in a standard Presidential debate and they are shaking in their shorts.

Hillary’s Health – I believe she is physically and mentally unfit to serve as Commander in Chief. In fact I think she may actually be on her death bed and this must be hidden from the public, thus the firing of Dr. Drew on CNN, this along with no debates, very little rallies and no live press conferences. And of course there are the endless scandals and Federal investigations against Clinton such as the 33,000 e-mails and the private server, Benghazi, the Clinton Foundation and much more. Not to mention what Julian Assange has yet to release. Hillary for President? Boggles the mind. How about Hillary for prison! Hillary Clinton, the bought and paid for controlled establishment puppet’s days, by all counts, are numbered. Her demise, like BREXIT and the immense popularity and power of Donald J. Trump, will be a BIG BLOW to the NWO.

Will There Even Be A Debate?

The standard debate is still on for September 26th (for now). Expect the unexpected. Remember they will do all they can to prevent a Trump election. They? The ruing elite establishment of course both the “Demicans” and “Republicrats”. We shall see. Things are going to get very nasty as they will do all they can to prevent Hillary from any live debates with Donald Trump as she will not only get crushed in a debate but she is very sick and unstable and probaly cannot actually stand up and hold up under Donald Trump and the international audience that will be watching. The NWO’s “ace in the hole” is a breath away from imploding.

An Important Question

Haven’t we shed blood fighting wars to “spread democracy” so that people in foreign lands can have “free and fair elections”? So WTF? My next post will cover the subject of stealing the election from Donald Trump in much greater detail along with a very critical announcement about a ground breaking release soon to be shared with millions of Americans on how to help ensure free and fair elections in 2016 and beyond. I just had to get this post out there because this last minute no debate debate is but one of many major red flags.

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